Juventus’ wasteful investments – almost half a billion spent with little to show for it

Juventus have spent over €450m net over the last five seasons but have little to show for such hefty investments.

The Bianconeri were keen to close the gap with the top teams in Europe after Massimiliano Allegri guided the team to two Champions League finals in three years and in the summer of 2018 serious investments were made to try and raise the level of the squad. Considering the club’s decline over the last few years, their work has not paid off and now the club are in a tough spot.

Juventus seem unlikely to reach the Round of 16 of the Champions League following their defeat to Maccabi Haifa earlier this week, a painful result in both a sporting and economic sense. 

La Gazzetta dello Sport examined Juventus’ work in the transfer market across the last five seasons, revealing that the team have spent around €455m net in transfer fees, investments that haven’t produced the desired results on the pitch.


Incomings: €293m

Outgoings: €181m


Incomings: €349m

Outgoings: €241m


Incomings: €122m

Outgoings: €32m


Incomings: €229m

Outgoings: €77m


Incomings: €75m

Outgoings: €82m

Total spent in the last five seasons: €1.068 billion

Total earnt in the last five seasons: €618m

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