Juventus vs. Roma | Orsato: ‘You blame me because he missed the penalty?’

by | Oct 18, 2021 09:29

Referee Daniele Orsato explained ‘no advantage is given on penalties’ and told Roma midfielder Bryan Cristante that he can’t take the blame for the missed spot kick.

Roma were awarded a penalty after Henrikh Mkhitaryan was brought down by goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny minutes before the interval.

Serie A | Juventus 1-0 Roma: Kean, chaos and spot-kick decisive

Tammy Abraham did put the ball into the net on the rebound, but referee Orsato had already blown the whistle. Mkhitaryan fell on the ball with his hand, knocking it back into the path of Abraham, which means it could have been considered a handball and thus a penalty anyway.

Jordan Veretout missed the penalty, as Szczesny guessed right and saved the effort. DAZN caught the audio of a discussion between the referee and Roma midfielder Cristante.

La Repubblica reports Orsato’s words to Cristante: “The goalkeeper comes out, penalty, offside, and if I don’t blow the whistle? There’s no advantage given on penalties. And then you blame me because he missed the penalty?”

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Jose Mourinho and Orsato


  1. DAJE Roma

    The choice is still giving the advantage to let it play, but tammy goal will be ruled out because handball and offside or giving roma a penalty, unlucky for veretout he can’t convert it. So as much as i know that orsato sometimes can get controversial but this time he did the correct one.

    yet we lost because we can’t score from many other opportunities, kudos to bonnie and leo who display another great defending that we already saw at euro before.

    So just let’s move on to the next match!

  2. Cypher

    Roma missed a penalty but are blaming everyone else but themselves.

    What a shitty mentality.

  3. Cypher

    Lol. Serie A teams are so scared of Juventus that they try to discredit referees in Juve games as a tactic to scare officials into going against Juve in subsequent games to avoid hot water.

    Despite this, Juventus will win the Serie A this season and all the Napolis, Romas, Inters & Milans can continue crying and whining instead of fixing their shitty teams.

    This has happened 9 years in a row before so we are all used to it.

  4. ITALIAn ALL The way

    Cypher for u that is all you can hope to win because outside of that ur team pretty useless. Actually if u stay out of UCL they will give some more deserving teams a better chance. Its Juve 25 Year anniversary of no UCL hardware great job!

  5. Crawf

    @italian all the way
    A nonsense statement trying to antagonise people, what a futile thing to say, stay out so other have a better chance, let me guess an inter fan still banging on about winning it ages ago, boring, what was it 12 years ago, and no finals, since, many years of not being in it, group stage exits, hardly like inter or any other Italian team has led the way recently


    @ITALIAn ALL The way: Imagine being an interista……not one game played in the Round of 16 in Champions League in the last decade …..5 Champions League wins in the last decade and they are currently possess the Italian record as the only Italian team to fail to pass the Champions League Group stage 3 years in a row AND that record can be extended as the only Italian team to fail to pass the Champions League Group stage 4 years in a row! Imagine how long AND how many owners it will take just to pass the Champions League Group stage let alone trying to win it for those interisti !!

  7. JuveIndia

    LOL @ FI you are a turn off for a serie A and azzuri fan like me . I was drawn to football because of Davids and Delpiero and since been a Juve follower from India. Following the live blog was a pain seeing sided commentary for Roma, when they didn’t deserve yesterday. If you want to play nationalist politics then I respect that and happy to exit your website. Italian football is not followed much in my country who go for MU, Barca, RM, now PSG. This is one of the forums I like to read from of very less resources and you ruining it for fans like me.

    MOU is a joker who always want to ignited against Juve. Of course he saw the handball, we all did, hence he pretends he didn’t see the incident in his interview. He can’t stop complaining even when a penalty goes his way. Keep those 3 fingers to yourself Mou!! Roma couldn’t score,,,,that’s the summary!! apart from 2 def mistakes by Che and Cuad, there were less chances. Juve took and scored from limited chance!!! Job accomplished. Mou making fool of himself like always!! So Mou take that lusting offer along with your garbage attitude and switch to Newcastle…you belong to that sad league.

    FORZAJUVE!!! keep gaining lost ground. Only Napoli to fight this time since they have the best def record of the season. Not saying they good but Juve did come very close to beat them.

  8. juvemania

    the ref gave them penalty. i don’t understand why the ref also have to giving the a goal when the ball didn’t made it into the goal?
    roma is weird.
    but i like machini,his duet with bastoni might be the future of azzuri and juventus next gen defensore

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