Juventus use Manchester United deal for Amad Diallo to defend inflated transfers

by | Apr 14, 2022 18:16

Juventus have used Manchester United’s purchase of Atalanta youth product Amad Diallo Traore as an example of why they should not be punished for inflated transfers and capital gains.

Juve are just one of several Italian clubs under investigation for the so-called plusvalenze – capital gains – accused of inflating the transfer values of players in exchanges to help balance the books.

It is a tactic that benefits both the clubs involved in a deal, making it look as if the assets being moved around are more valuable than they really are.

However, Juventus have fought back with their lawyers arguing the system used by the authorities to value players is deeply flawed.

Bianconeri chief Federico Cherubini even used a specific example from the recent transfer market involving Manchester United.

The deal they struck with Atalanta for striker Amad Diallo Traore was remarkable considering how little professional football he had played at the time.

The 18-year-old was purchased for €21.3m plus up to another €20m in performance-related bonuses.

He is currently on loan at Glasgow Rangers, but nobody is questioning that transfer because Cherubini insists the valuation was based on his potential.

“This explains why you cannot just look at the cold, hard numbers” when evaluating the transfer worth of a player.


  1. Milan141

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, and if you agree to play by the rules you signed up to, try and renegotiate the terms if you’re unhappy, rather than just doing what you want.

    Be a sport.

  2. Ryan

    You should be able to sell players for whatever you want, they are under contract with you so if two teams get together and work out a deal I see no problem at all if teams want to balance the books that way, it’s called business, if teams in England can be bought by billionaires and then go steal all the talent from around the world for crazy prices then surely teams can get away with this, I mean Chelsea and Mancity have both been in trouble for it and now Newcastle are going to try the same, I’m not sure how financial fair play actually works but they need to investigate them English clubs never mind making silly accusations against these Italian clubs.

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