Juventus under investigation: what happens now and what the club risks

by | Nov 27, 2021 10:49

Juventus are under investigation for false accounting and the club risks a fine or receiving points deduction if found guilty.

On Friday, Guardia di Finanza, the Italian Financial Police, arrived at Continassa, confiscating documents regarding transfers worth over €50m between 2019 and 2020. (Check all the suspicious transfers here).

The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a dossier after CONSOB and COVISOC investigations into the capital gains cases in Serie A.

President Andrea Agnelli is under investigation and so are vice-president Pavel Nedved and former directors Fabio Paratici, now at Tottenham Hotspur.

Current Chief Corporate & Financial Officers Stefano Cerrato and Stefano Bertola are also under investigation, as the former Chief Financial Officer Marco Re.

So, what do Juventus risk now? There were similar cases in the past in Serie A, with Inter, Milan and Chievo involved.

The Milanese sides were not found guilty in 2008 as it was impossible to quantify the value of transfers of professional footballers in the absence of specific benchmarks.

However, Chievo received a three-point deduction ten years later for ‘repeated infringement of accounting rules.’

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport and Sportmediaset, Juventus risk being fined or receiving points deduction, but the punishment could be harsher if investigators prove that alterations helped the team’s registration for the championship.

Andrea Agnelli


  1. lulzim Cakolli

    quell surprise

  2. Vogel

    I predict that, just like with the ‘super league’ decision by UEFA, Teflon-Juve will strangely manage to make nothing stick, or the authorities will just get bored, and Juve will walk away once again.

  3. Louch

    When are we going to say enough is enough with agnelli before he ruins this club and integrity for good? Not sure what else he needs to do. Really.

  4. Crawfc

    Yeah but look, 2008,inter and AC linked and get off as it’s hard to prove. just like calcopoli, but of course inter Bury evidence conveniently and AC get a small penalty, juve get screwed, same will happen here.
    I’m a juve Dan and I do not like clubs image these days, but there is an agenda to get at them

  5. rosario


    Integrity and Juventus? They had integrity issues well before he turned up 😂

  6. ilyas Variava

    He needs to go now along with his crazy super league. Long overdue

  7. Ninip

    Do not forget everyone hates us, but lets see.

  8. JUVEwarrior

    Just because I dont think Arthur or Pjanic is worth X million, how do I go about proving it. There are loads of overinflated transfers each year. Probably initiated by Ceferin cause he’s got the hump. Click Bait but at least it gives all the anti Juve moaners something to get their thongs in a twist about!

  9. Herrera's coffee

    Ah the saltiness of the anti-Juventini here. Go learn your own club’s history before you criticise Juve. But until then, keep crying, losers.

  10. Tomk

    What kind of investigate is that just cos of super cup

  11. jULIAN

    just your usual Juventus shady business

  12. Nana

    This version of Juve hopefully will cease to exist. Ever since they kick ADP out like a garbage and then play trash football and repeatedly humiliate Italy in Europe, this so-called “modern” Juve needs to go. Hopefully we go to B once more and learn how to see our own faces in the mirror.

  13. JUVEwarrior

    Jealousy is a terrible trait. But when you’re the greatest club in Italy then the haters will do what they do best. The Juve style of play needs to change and that requires a coach who isnt afraid to play skillful, hungry youngsters. I want to win playing the best football but that will never be possible with Alex Sandro and Danilo on the wings and no CDM.

  14. Milan Fan

    Nothing happens. They risk nothing.

  15. bagusind

    fino alla fineee….!

  16. MakoTsunamI

    Anyone who was a real Juventus fan knows Pjanic was worth 60 mil. 65 for Cancelo is cheap considering he’s now the best full back in the world. This is being done out of revenge for the super league. Regardless of what is and isn’t true, the team will be impacted throughout the investigation

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