Juventus ‘unconvinced’ by Aston Villa’s Bentancur bid

by | Jan 27, 2022 22:53

Aston Villa have made an offer worth €20m plus bonuses for Rodrigo Bentancur, report Sky Sport Italia, but Juventus are unconvinced, targeting Nahitan Nandez or Denis Zakaria as a replacement.

According to transfer pundit Gianluca Di Marzio, the first formal bid has now been received from the Premier League side.

It is for €20m plus performance-related bonuses, but the asking price had been a minimum of €25m.

This is because Juve still owe Boca Juniors a 30 per cent cut of any future transfer fee as part of the original deal they struck in 2017.

The Uruguay international was purchased for €15.7m at the time, as part of the negotiations involving Carlos Tevez.

Now 24, Bentancur made 26 competitive appearances this season, contributing three assists.

His contract with Juventus runs to June 2024.

The report also suggests the Bianconeri have two options to replace Bentancur, the first choice being Nahitan Nandez on loan from Cagliari.

Another candidate is Denis Zakaria, who has told Borussia Monchengladbach that he will not sign a new contract, so he will be a free agent at the end of the current campaign.

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    25 mil for bentancur is extra cheap solution and only because juve have similar type of player in rabiot

    But these dirty greedy rich pl clubs dont deserve this deal bc bentancur is by far better player than any other they have in their ranks without even knowing one player in their squad

    So im gonna tell u this – learn your place and deal with it


    Take the money and run.

  3. Ale

    Bentancur worth at least 30 mil euro

  4. Ali G

    they paid 40m for a player called Buendia from Norwich!! and for Bentancur barely 25 that’s an insult

  5. DAvid toast

    Ali G it was 30 mil but hey ho what’s 10 mil here or there. Boyaksaha! UTV!

  6. Gigi

    Bring zak

  7. Cal g

    Super John mcginn is a million times better than him damir mustac don’t comment on what you do t know

  8. Cal g

    Damir mustac knows nothing about football clearly also alig where’s me julie

  9. Chris

    I think Bentancur out and Zakaria in could be very good for Juventus. But for some reason they want Nandez. I am not sure why!
    Either way, I think Bentancur has had his time at Juventus, He looked good for a couple of years but has been pretty average in recent times

  10. Me

    So they wanna give up him and Arthur? Seems wrong. But giving up on him and moving on with Arthur would be smart. But Juventus aren’t going to do smart.


    LOL at the 30% future fee, what genious Rubentus director struck that kind of a deal? Was it Paratici?


    @Chris becauase Zakaria is not interested in joining corrupt Serie A + he has offers from EPL.


    25 is bargain for bentancur.


    David Toast – It was £33m + £5m in easy bonuses ie avoid relegation etc which i think is easily 40m euros on conversation!!! But still a great buy for Buendia. Bentancur should be more though!!!

  15. Stefano

    Juve 2ill have to pay Boca Juniors a 30 per cent cut of any future transfer fee which is their problem not Aston Villa’s its called Bad Business. We paid more for Buendia because he was a proven goal scorer in the Premier League and Championship Division

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