Juventus are considering the pros and cons of signing Angel Di Maria as a free agent, with the Argentinean who could become the ‘exception to the rule.’

La Gazzetta dello Sport confirms the Bianconeri have been offered the chance to sign Di Maria in the summer. The Argentina international is available as a free agent in June and Juventus could offer him a one or two years deal.

The Old Lady was not planning to sign players in their 30s (except Jorginho) as the club’s new policy is to buy players who can be re-sold in the future and don’t lose their value at the club.

However, Di Maria could be the exception to the rule as the 34-year-old would ask for a salary below €6.5m plus add-ons, which is as much as he earns in Paris. Thanks to the Growth Decree, the Bianconeri would get a tax discount on the player’s gross salary.

Juventus will need a new winger or a quality player up front given that Paulo Dybala and, most likely, Federico Bernardeschi will leave Turin at the end of their contracts in June.

Juventus will decide in the coming weeks. For now, only Benfica have shown interest in the Argentinean star.

6 thought on “Juventus transfers: Di Maria the exception to the rule”
  1. Juve need player on the up not those on the gravy train at the end of their careers. I could understand a player such strong CM who can drive the team and command when its tough and the younger players can learn from but not a luxury flair player who goes missing when it get tough!

  2. would be an excellent for juve to sign di maria. the guy is still one of the best crossers in the game

  3. LOL exception my A$$

    Hope they get Di Maria and spend all that wage on him! Better sign him up for many years to come, just like Allegri.

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