Juventus transfer target Icardi in money-laundering investigation

Mauro Icardi

Paris Saint-Germain striker and current Juventus transfer target Mauro Icardi has reportedly been accused of money-laundering in Argentina along with his wife and agent Wanda Nara.

Olé report that the couple had a formal complaint made against them following the investigation by Fernando Miguez, head of the Independent Association of Public Good.

It is based around a company they co-own called Work Marketing Football SRL.

According to Argentine newspaper Olé, the money funnelled through the company was used to avoid paying international taxes on their earnings, both for Icardi’s sporting career and Wanda’s fashion and cosmetics lines.

Wanda Nara has been Icardi’s wife since 2014, having previously been married to his then-Sampdoria teammate Maxi Lopez.

Last month the pair was consistently in the headlines as they played out their potential divorce through social media, only for a similarly-public reconciliation on Instagram.

The former Inter centre-forward has been at PSG since 2019 and in recent days was linked with a possible return to Serie A for Juventus in the January transfer window.

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  1. Until he decided to fake an injury LOL. What was he thinking? Then cheated on Wanda and signed papers that everything is owned by her. Literally has him by his balls. Now this… truly worthy of the Juventus shirt!

  2. To FI staff in article like this please can we not put Juventus in same sentence beacause it has nothing to do with my club, hes not even a player and still with PSG. I would much prefer former inter player as it would make more sense 😉

  3. @Urban Sombrero: If it’s like Moratti then when they go to court nothing will happen even with phone recordings !

  4. It`s like with Luis Suarez: nothing happened to juBentus. It`s like with the transfers investigation, nothing will happen. ETC ETC

    It`s a miracle they accepted to go down into Serie B, while we all know it should have been lower.

  5. Funny how this sub top level player is linked to Juventus.
    He never was and still isn’t good enough to clubs like PSG & Juventus.
    Only sub top clubs like Inter 🤣

  6. Just another low class journalism by the anti juve football italia, why not puo inter former player ?! This is a new level of classless

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