By Monday, the FIGC Court of Appeal will reveal the reasons behind Juventus‘ points deduction.



The Bianconeri have been docked 15 points due to financial irregularities. They were initially cleared of allegations along with other Italian clubs in a sporting trial in March 2022.

However, the case was re-opened following a criminal investigation carried out by the Turin Prosecutor which highlighted more evidence collected by the FIGC Prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné.

The FIGC Court of Appeal must release the motivations by 10 days, so the deadline ends on Monday, January 30. This means that a statement could be released today or this coming Monday.

It is believed that the FIGC Court of Appeal punished Juventus because of the ‘evaluation of a system used by the Bianconeri’ to damage other clubs. This is also why the Serie A giants were the only team punished in the second trial, contrary to other Italian clubs, including Sassuolo and Sampdoria.

Juventus have already announced that they will appeal against the point deduction and will have 30 days of time to do so from the moment the FIGC Court of Appeal releases its motivations.

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