Juventus are unhappy with the high number of injuries this season and are reportedly planning an internal investigation during the World Cup break.

The Bianconeri have suffered from a serious injury problem for the entirety of this season, regularly being without key stars like Paul Pogba, Angel Di Maria, Manuel Locatelli and Dusan Vlahovic. Massimiliano Allegri referenced this situation earlier in the campaign, calling it a ‘virtual Juventus’ with all the various absences.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Pavel Nedved and Maurizio Arrivabene have announced that an investigation will be held during the World Cup break to establish the causes of the injury crisis.

Various elements will be closely examined, from the playing fields of Continassa to the players’ diets, with a particular focus being paid to Allegri’s historic athletic trainer Simone Folletti. The club’s medical staff will also be looked at, with Juventus desperate to find the source of the issues as soon as possible. 

10 thought on “Juventus to investigate injury crisis during World Cup break”
  1. Source of the issues? Call me superstitious but i believe it’s defenitely a witchcraft casted by witch doctor.

  2. The 1/6 also known as the 7/9 part time villagers will learn nothing as it’s internal. Better for the Rangers of Europe to get an external team from a proper big club to carry this out as goodwill. After all they make mistakes in recruiting as well as everything else. One that needs no investigation is PhD Max. The legend of lets wait and see calcio needs an extension as her Christmas gift.

  3. Sure is and much sunnier and better than your life. Let me guess another Chipland dweller that loves reading my posts. Admit you cannot deny the facts and the comparisons to Ranges, Celtic and AEK Athens.

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