With Manchester City not willing to sell Gabriel Jesus, Juventus reportedly consider Mauro Icardi, Moise Kean and Luka Jovic to replace Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese ace is in talks with Manchester City and his agent Jorge Mendes arrived in Turin on Wednesday to meet his client.

His move to the Etihad Stadium remains a complicated one as the Premier League giants don’t want to pay any fee to sign the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star, while Juventus want at least €25m.

Ronaldo and Mendes present Man City plan to Juventus

Ronaldo wants to leave Juventus and the Old Lady is considering some potential replacements for the 36-year-old.

Gabriel Jesus is the Bianconeri’s top target, but Manchester City don’t want to sell the Brazilian star, so according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the likes of Mauro Icardi, Moise Kean and Luka Jovic are on Juventus’ radars.

Kean left the Bianconeri in 2019, completing a €30m move to Everton, while Icardi is a long-time target of the Serie A giants who had been following the Argentinean during his time at Sampdoria and Inter.

The former Nerazzurri captain is injured and will remain out of action for a month, but he is still a target for the Serie A giants.

Tuttosport also mentioned Manchester United’s Anthony Martial as a potential replacement for Ronaldo.

17 thought on “Juventus’ three-man shortlist to replace Cristiano Ronaldo”
  1. Juve’s transfer strategy has really been shit for years. No title chasing team should have relied on Alvaro Morata of all people. Now they’re going to replace their only genuine goal scoring threat with a snake riddled by injury, an inconsistent youngster who has never cut it at top level, and a Real Madrid reject who has had only 1 good season in his career. I wonder what would happen once the old guards at the back like Cuadrado and Bonucci can’t go anymore.

  2. Man what the hell, if Rolando leaves go for Dušan Vlahović, this guy will be even better than Eland very soon. Do not be stupid Juve, but then again what do you expect from Allegri, when he like someone, even if the player shit, still he will go for him, just because he like him.

  3. Juve cant afford Dusan, from the list above the most feasible could be Mauro Icardi but if PSG sold Mbappe then it wont happened, then it will be Jovic or Kean, both not an improvement to Morata

  4. Would a Ronaldo/ Bernardo Silva exchange be a good deal for all? City require a guaranteed goal scorer and Silva has been patiently waiting for a transfer out of Manchester.
    Ronaldo is still the best goal scorer money can buy and he wants out of his contract with Juve.

    Juve have very little time to arrange a replacement if CR7 leaves so any deal will be difficult but surely Bernardo Silva, if he is willing would be the absolutely perfect fit for this Juve squad.

  5. The Juve Board never disappoint in making shite decisions, like bringing Allegri back and the choice of midfield players (except for Locatelli) we’ve had recently. So I won’t be surprised if they bring back Kean or someone worse.

  6. Max Allegri will destroy the current juventus team and make it less competitive both in Italy and Europe with his current Market Transfer plan and management style.
    Wk 1 result only show how weak the current Juventus team is compare to Inter, Milan, Lazio, Napoli & Roma.
    Selling CR7 will make Juventus attack very weak and less productive.
    Any of Icardi, Kean, Luka Jovic and even Gabriel Jesus can not match CR7 extraordinary scoring talent.

    Furthermore, Max Allegri is also thinking of selling a younger Weston McKennie and replace him with an older Axel Witsel. Something is not right hear!
    Max will wake up one day and propose to sell Bonucci because of his constant disagreement with him.
    Somebody needs to intervene before it’s too late.

  7. I’m still not convinced by Allegri’s return. Because of Allegri, we missed out on Donnarumma, will likely sell McKennie and will probably bring in Icardi and a 32 year old like Witsel (who rejected Juve at the last minute years ago). Allegri better win the scudetto as a minimum this year.

  8. I think you guys are getting it wrong, the great juve teams of past were built on players who were rejects are considered finished or not good enough, Tevez, Evra, pirlo, morata in his first stint, barzagli and more.. Signing Ronaldo was a mistake the moment he leaves that team watch the explode

  9. This list they’ve put together is probably made up, but if true, it’s hard to know with Kean. His attitude seems to be the problem rather than his talent. But they didn’t want him a few years ago, so why now?
    Icardi was a great finisher for years in Serie A, but there’s too much baggage with him.
    Jovic isn’t the answer, though he might do well at a smaller club where he can rebuid himself.
    Jesus has a decent scoring ratio, but that’s in a team that steamrolls most of the cannon fodder in the epl. But still, he’s young and may be the best option if they can get him off MC

  10. The main problems at present with Juve is the goalkeeper and midfield.
    Midfield is useless, constantly losing the ball and can’t string two passes together, as well as rubbish at proving assistance to the foward players. Allegri’s tactics don’t help as he doesn’t like attacking football. Can see why Ronaldo gets frustrated a lot because there’s no skill in midfield to provide assists. The wing players either try taking on too many players and lose the ball or can’t cross in the ball to save their lives like Sandro.

  11. All this should have happened much earlier or next transfer window .. but is happening at this nth hour because of Messi’s move to PSG and inturn Mbappe wanting out!! As for Juve .. just can’t understand the board except for Loca .. so no idea what they are going to do. Just hope they don’t end up with another Ramsey kind of situation!! If Ronaldo was moving to PSG then there was a possibility of getting Keylor Navas or Donnarumma … though far fetched in a deal or even Icardi. Anyways as Haaland is impossible for Juve to get .. they better go for Vlahovic who many are recommending .. though I haven’t seen much of him play…. but must be good!!

  12. Did anyone notice mandzukic was in the stands during the season opener? That was a concerning. Did max invite him with an eye to rejoin the squad?

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