Juventus tell Morata they won’t make loan permanent – Marca

by | May 19, 2022 20:02

Juventus have told forward Alvaro Morata they will not make his loan move from Atletico Madrid permanent, according to reports in Spain.

The ex-Real Madrid and Chelsea forward has been at Juve for two seasons in his second spell with the club and the Old Lady have the option to make the deal permanent for €35 million.

However, Marca report Juve have decided against paying the necessary fee.

Morata has been linked with a move to Barcelona but recent reports in Spain suggest he remains a back-up option should the Catalan side fail to land first-choice striker Robert Lewandowski.

The Spain international’s first spell with Juve was from 2014 to 2016 when he helped the Bianconeri to back-to-back league and cup Doubles. He also scored in the 2015 Champions League final defeat to Barcelona.

He returned to Real Madrid after they exercised a buy-back clause and was part of the side which beat Juve in the 2017 Champions League final.

Following spells at Chelsea and Atletico, he returned to Juve on loan where he won another Coppa Italia.



    A sensible move from Juventus? No way! Anyway, letting Morata and Berna go as well as trying to sell Kean and Artur is a step in the right direction. But some of the names they’re supposedly targeting are horrendous.

  2. NOrata

    I will literally never post again when this finally happens. I will walk a long pilgrimage in praise of the Almighty.

  3. Many wise guys

    Maybe bring in Depay from Barca? Would be a cheaper alternative, also since Pogba and Jorginho would be expensive boys to sign.

  4. NOrata

    My Minge is getting warmed up and so moist at the thought of this prospect. Now Morata will have the time to spend with me. I am ready, willing and able for only 2 minutes before the batteries go flat. That is the downside to us English, we are light weight and a teenie, tiny little nation, who nobody listens to.

  5. NOrata

    oi oi Morata let me be your fish and I you can be my chips. I will get the jellied eels, extra ketchup and vinegar in, and we can take turns rubbing all night long. Hurry up I am offering a limited edition 5 on 1 special. Plus I will throw in my saveloy if you book now.

  6. Norata

    Lord clown, firstly I’m not English but live in the UK so pay attention. I know you in the states have ADHD and need ritalin daily but keep up. Secondly, the English created the rules for football so I guess some people do listen. Thirdly, you LGB fans need to remember that here, we call it football because it’s played with feet, not your handball which lasts 10 hours and puts everyone to sleep.

  7. Norata

    I would go down so hard on Sleepy Joe, he won’t know what hit him. No more gaffes, miscues and sleeping on the job when he sees my 2 inch saveloy. Let me be the one to solve inflation, gas prices, division and hate with just 2 minutes in the sack with the greatest world leader in history. Now time for a tea break, the 15th of the day.

  8. Norata

    LGB = Lets Go Britain. A great S hole island where it rains all day, gets dark at 2pm, women are drunk, and wear next to nothing. But we make 17,000 varieties of tea and 25,000 kinds of biscuits.

  9. Andy

    Resigning Morata and Kean are the worst decisions, along with Ramsay, which shows how incapable the management is,

  10. tony

    😂. Someone has an imaginative mind.

  11. NOrata

    4 more years. Love a one term bigly but sleepy and creepy is how we vote. LGB. #Willofthepeople

  12. NOrata

    So proud of Murica. Got the highest drug, shootin, psychosis, x-tube consumption and car accident rates in the world. Number 1! High fives everyone! Jeepers Jillipers, we did it!!

  13. NOrata

    innit tea time the 20th of the day. Morata, Morata come to me, my saveloy awaits. Deal of the Century. 2 inches and the best time of ur life. 2 minutes of ecstasy what are you waiting for.

  14. FERBAN

    Juve would be crazy to spend 35m on him. But who know, given they seem to be dumb enough to be after Di Maria and Pogba.

    Quit signing rejects from other leagues. Go after Raspadori. A front 3 of him, Chiesa and Vlahovic might work well – if Allegri allows them to cross the halfway line, that is.

  15. Chuck

    Kean needs playing time. It’s unfair as to how he gets ridiculed. At PSG he got playing time and was respected so he shined. At my Juve unfortunately we let young players rot on the bench or in the B And C leagues! As for Morata, I think he has had lots of chances to show if he is a great player, but he is inconsistent. Hopefully his next stint will make it better. But then again he also has never had a permanent home!

  16. BRuno

    What is happening to this site??.
    I have been disappointed that you let posts like Norata go on. My son used to use this site I have now banned him, how can you let this go on.

  17. Crawf100

    Agreed its just immature rubbish, and not even funny, if it it was amusing at least that would be something, but it’s been going that way for years, you can’t have a sensible discussion on here, it’s either this tripe above, or boring old, juve cheat, no inter cheat, no juve cheat. Same tired old boring junk

  18. The Grand Old Lady Rocks to JUVE!

    The ageing players that are being linked to the club by the media are ridiculous , Di Maria, Perisic…. Kazuyoshi Miura. There is no way the club are going to invest tens of millions in players who are in the final months/weeks of their careers. It is not practical as J medical has no room for expansion and since Ramsey is returning to take up residency, there will simply not be enough beds.

  19. NOrata

    I didn’t specify what it was a pint of… You can use your warped imagination.

  20. Jeremy

    I agree with Bruno, sensible and reasonable discussion has gone from here a long time ago. Norata is probably a young teenager, immature and thinks this is funny. That probably explains the content of his thoughts.

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