Juventus still owe money to Cristiano Ronaldo

According to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Juventus still owe money to Cristiano Ronaldo despite an undisclosed agreement found by investigators.

The Portuguese superstar signed a €31m deal with the Old Lady in the summer of 2018 and remained in Turin for three years, leaving in August 2021.

He is among the players who agreed to take a pay cut to help the club during the peak of the COVID pandemic in 2020, but investigators appear to have found evidence that Ronaldo and most of his teammates still received money from the club, without communicating it to the stock market or the FIGC.

Today’s edition of La Gazzetta Dello Sport confirms investigators found an undisclosed agreement signed by Ronaldo which the club used to promise their ex-striker €19.9m even if he had left the club.

Ronaldo did not talk to the Turin prosecutor, but some of his former teammates reportedly admitted that they had agreed to get part of the money as a bonus or compensation in the following season. However, Gazzetta reports these agreements were not registered within the FIGC, which is part of the problem for the Old Lady.

According to the report, players signed three different documents with the club.


Federico Cherubini, Juventus’ sporting director, spoke to Andrea Agnelli about the money the club owed to Cristiano Ronaldo on August 25, 2021, days before CR7’s return to Manchester United: “€19m from the previous year and €9m from a year earlier, so €28m before taxes due to COVID,” said Cherubini, according to the report.

The Bianconeri director said that even a free transfer to Manchester United would have brought benefit to Juventus’ finances, but at one point, he wanted to renegotiate the agreement with Ronaldo, hoping to lower his demands.

However, Cesare Gabasio, one of the club’s lawyers told Cherubini that he did not remember the exact terms of the agreement between Juventus and Ronaldo and according to the report, Juventus paid part of their debut ‘but €19.9m are still pending and there is no trace of this money in the financial statement to June 2021.’

The article ends with a little mockery: ‘Now that Ronaldo is jobless, who knows if he’ll show up to demand those € 19.9 m.’

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  1. I am sure Ronaldo will waive this as a good will gesture. He does not need the cash and he will be doing the Wendy’s of Europe a favor.

  2. cant see ronaldo waving the money goodbye, doest matter how rich ppl are, rich ppl always want thr money = hence thr rich

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