Juventus stars reflect on disappointing season

by | May 24, 2022 11:10

Leonardo Bonucci, Danilo, Manuel Locatelli and Dusan Vlahovic reflect on Juventus‘ disappointing campaign: ‘Things must change next season.’

The Bianconeri have just completed their first trophyless season in the last 11 years. They finished fourth in Serie A and lost the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa against Inter. The last time they finished a season empty-handed was in 2010-11 when Luigi Delneri was in charge of the Bianconeri.

“It was a season not worthy of the jersey we wear. The next one must be different because at Juventus winning is the only thing that matters, Leonardo Bonucci wrote on Instagram.

Next season, the Italy international will become Juventus’ captain, following Giorgio Chiellini and Paulo Dybala’s departures.


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“We end a difficult season, from every point of view. The strength for the next campaign will be to learn the lesson from what happened this year,” added Danilo.

“This team deserves to reach the maximum in every competition, not with words, but with the weight and jersey, with facts, sweat, hard work, sacrifice and, above all, results. Thanks for your support during the year and Congratulations to Milan for deservedly winning the title. Today and forever forza Juve.”


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Dusan Vlahovic shared his latest Instagram post on Sunday, the day after Juventus’ last game of the season against his former club Fiorentina who beat the Old Lady 2-0 at the Artemio Franchi, returning to Europe for the first time in five years.

“Those have been days of great emotions, but from next season we must transform this disappointment into joy. Congratulations also to Fiorentina, fully deserved,” said the Serbia international.


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Manuel Locatelli also took to his official Instagram account to briefly describe his first season in Turin and tell the fans that the Bianconeri will be aiming for more from next season.

“My first year in this shirt is over. I fulfilled my dream of wearing it and giving everything every time I went out on the field,” he said.

“We know we had to do more, but thank you for always being there. See you next year with new goals. Work, dedication and heart. The mentality of Juve. Heartfelt thanks.”


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  1. Ale

    Just everytime i said, this squad worthy to be champion. The exception is their coach

    Allegri fully fully terrible coach so i can’t see the different between him and the coaches from 100-150th FIFA country ranks. No offense but this is true

    A squad worthy to be the winner ended clumpsy and ridiculous like serie E team

    So so disappointed

  2. Dx


  3. Gamal

    Allegri ruined our season!

  4. NOrata

    We know that with players worthy of the shirt, Allegri won repeated scudetti and Coppe so your logic makes no sense. The whole midfield plus Morata and Dybala (who barely score half of what Ronaldo did combined) are not worthy of this shirt. Total rebuild needed.

  5. Ray piero

    You all blame allegri, why don’t you blame Ronaldo for leaving when he did? Disrupting the season. Having no striker, having a weak midfield?

    It’s not all allegri, wake up guys

  6. Ray piero

    You all blame allegri, why don’t you blame Ronaldo for leaving when he did? Disrupting the season. Having no striker, having a weak midfield?

    It’s not all allegri, wake up guys

  7. Juve 11

    Locatelli gave his best??? Wow we need new starters in MF that’s our biggest problem. For the love of Juve get DeLigt a new partner not name Bonucci.


    Very funny how a lot of Juve fans are now slowly but surely realizing that the roving dinosaur of calma back, back, down, down is a one trick former Xmas tree pony. This was chapter 1 in the reverse “Feng Shui” safety back, back, down, down. PhD Max is teasing us and Chapter 2 will see the return of the Jedi 1Mbps Tika Taka back, back, down, down. Chapter 3 and Juve will be in full force, the back, back, down, down strikes back. There will be no 4th Chapter. The Grandmeister of 2 CL final runners up wins, is going to rewarded with the Fergie lifetime deal. Never say never. Look at what happened to Milan and 11 years in the wilderness. Look at Inter, the same thing. Liverpool went 30 years without winning the EPL and Man Utd are in the wastelands. PhD Max is taking them into the far never regions of the universe and Pirlo was shafted plain and simple.

  9. Bruno

    Allegri inherited a great squad from Conte, one that was notably stronger than Juve’s Serie A rivals. He did was at least expected.

    Despite having a stronger squad than the majority of Serie A clubs, Juve play the worst football. They get outplayed by the minnows. They only win because of individual quality and moments, and NOT from an effective gameplan.

    Talents from the academy are discriminated against simply because of what’s on their birth certificates. They are only given consideration as a last resort.

    Vlahovic, Chiesa, Locatelli have all gone backwards under Allegri. Alarmingly so.

    Meanwhile, Kulusevski and Bentacur have thrived since moving away from Allegri.

    Allegri might not be entirely at fault for all of Juve’s problems, but to repeatedly ignore his flaws and failings is about as blinkered as one could be.

  10. NOrata

    Right, Kulu and Benta are thriving and finishing 4th….just.
    Allegri inhereted and strengthened a strong team from Conte and kept it going very well to the point where it outperformed Conte’s team. That’s at least continuing a winning cycle. Conte gave up on the team, saying that they couldn’t go any further without significant investments. Allegri proved that to be false, and despite what others on here say, tactically outsmarted over 2 legs the two Spanish teams that went on to win in the finals. Note that he faced probably the best team ever in Barca and a Real that won an unprecedented 3 CLs in a row. That’s bad luck. You guys throw mud at a guy who played a season without a midfield and a star striker that guarantees double the goals of Dybala and Morata combined. That was the difference this season. Next year will be very very different. Unlike for inter who can’t continue a cycle for more than 1 year when there’s even half decent competition.

  11. Lynchy

    Well said @ Bruno

  12. Mez

    Nothing will change next season. It will be exactly the same as this one. I never understood the thinking behind bringing back a coach to a club where he has nothing to prove!!! Does he even care about winning a title? Or winning UCL? To him, getting to the finals and getting thrashed twice is something to brag about on his cv

  13. Del Piero

    Shove Allegri up your behinds. Wake up and see the man plays negative football. Before Chiesa got injured he played poorly because of the damn negative tactics. Why do you keep going on about what he did previously. We had zero competition so won everything domestically and the season we had the slightest bit of it from Napoli we went and bought their best striker.

  14. Del Piero

    The ppl backing Allegri, do you even watch the games or just look at the stats after the game? How can you be so blind, performances are piss poor and 70% of the time Vlahovic is isolated in every game. Morata spends more time chasing the ball in his own box.


    Bangers and Mash, Conte’s triple winning side went undefeated in the first year and got more pts then the catenaccio calma back, back, down, down. Bad luck has nothing to with getting a hiding from both Spanish clubs. PhD went into both games not learning from the first and brought his timid tactics to the party. Dortmund and Real Madrid (1998) were not superior but won. It can be done but never with the Omicron variant as well as a club that chokes on the biggest stage of them all. Now innit tea time. The 20th of the day. What are your drinking, Twinings, PG Tips or builders tea?


    Can someone plz tell me what is the deal with expiration date son cans of sardines, mackerel, tuna, salmon etc. I mean the other day I had a spaghetti platter with s crabs form a can and the expir is 2024! Yet it tasted awful!

    Makes no sense right? Just like this Juv debacle where is Allegri good or bad. Lk at the games and you see that he ran Chiesa to the ground, and next is Dusan. I happen to like Allegri but do have a limit as well of tolerance.

    And BTW anyone alluding to the CL finals where Juv was trashed have no clue what they are talking about because they were not even supposed to be in International competitions-if you research it you get the answers. Pique should shut his trap complaining about Mourinho rants when he was over there.

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