Juventus sold more shirts than Barcelona, PSG and Chelsea

by | Jan 26, 2022 19:23

Juventus are the only Italian club in the top 10 when it comes to the most jerseys sold in Europe in 2021, but still more than Barcelona, Chelsea, PSG and Manchester City.

The results were calculated by Euromerica Sport Marketing, who are certified by FIFA, who found that Bayern Munich sold 3.2 million shirts last year on the continent, more than any other football club.

Real Madrid came in second place, with 3 million jerseys, followed by Liverpool on 2.4m shirts and Manchester United with 1.95m.

Juventus are the only Italian side in the top 10, coming in fifth place after selling 1.42 million jerseys.

They beat Barcelona into sixth, with 1.34m, then Champions League winners Chelsea sold 1.31m and Borussia Dortmund 1.18m.

Paris Saint-Germain no doubt got a boost with the arrival of Lionel Messi, but still sold only 1.18m shirts and Manchester City shifted 1.087m units.

With stadium restrictions during the pandemic, shirt sales have become one of the more important revenue streams for European clubs.

Federico Chiesa


  1. Cypher

    Shinter plays second fiddle to Juve in all aspects whether sporting or financial.

    A disgrace.

  2. Interello

    Most of them had Ronaldo on the back loool

  3. @jimmy_Stallion

    let’s see what they look like next season, Ronaldo driving that number

  4. Maicon

    Cypher, cry cry baby. Jube most important trophy is serie B title. Don’t compare these thiefs with the treble winners!

  5. gio

    Most people buy fakes anyways


    In fairness, PSG and MC have few fans. Very few real one, at least.

  7. Inter bells

    @Cypher the only disgrace is your understanding of what “playing second fiddle” means. Don’t watch much Serie A?

  8. Lucas

    Geez, they can just get the uniform after getting arrested, don’t have to buy the jersey.


    @Inter bells got to love Inter talk trash after 1 scudetto in how many years? What basement have you been hiding in the past decade??

    Sure do watch lots of Serie A, even watched Juve win their 19th Scuddetto all the way back in ’81. When did Inter get their 19th???

  10. Maicon

    MARCO JUVENTINO , inter won their first Champions League in 1964, when did juve get their first? Inter won treble in 2010, when will juve get their first?

  11. Ramarren


    One for sure – Inter will never have the treble of Champions Cup, Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup.

    A disgrace.

  12. Frankie

    Dear deluded Inter fans, if you don’t understand what second fiddle means, let me educate you:
    – Official Competitions: Juventus 69, Inter 41.
    – Domestic competitions: Juventus 57, Inter 32
    – International competitions: Juventus 11, Inter 9.
    – Scudetti: Juventus 36, Inter 19 (one paper one). Juventus 3 stars, Inter 1.
    – Coppa Italia: Juventus 14, Inter 7.
    – Supercoppa: Juventus 9, Inter 6.
    – Women’s Serie A: Juventus 4, Inter 0.
    – Stadium: Juventus own theirs, Inter rents theirs.
    – Juventus have the most world cup winning players, more than any other Italian club.
    In addition kiddies, Juve players have received, among others, a record twelve Serie A Footballer of the Year awards, eight Ballon d’Or awards and four FIFA World Player of the Year awards, more than any other Italian club and third overall in the latter two cases.
    I hope you now understand why Inter has played, and will always continue to play, second fiddle to Juventus – the statistical facts prove that, not your delusional fantasy.

  13. Frankie

    Juventus were selling the most shirts in Italy and abroad than any other Italian club before Ronaldo joined and always will. Juventus is the most popular Italian club in Italy and abroad – simply a fact.

  14. Maicon

    Frankie, did you count the serie B title in the domestic trophies???

  15. Rox

    @Maicon , we are proud to have won serie B title as well in 1 year . I doubt you lo be able to do the same . The facts are as follow : there is no doubt that Juventus comes first , a simple fact , not personal , nothing against inter , only a simple fact .

  16. ForZa milan sempre

    Wow didn’t know people pay to dress as prisoners by buying Rubentus kits. Maybe sport the Serie B badge too?

  17. Brandon

    Bravo Frankie.

    But I want to clarify something.

    I’m pretty sure Cannavaro’s Ballon D’Or win in 2006 is not included in that list. It’s actually credited to Madrid.

    It was on the back of that years World Cup when he was a Juve player, not anything he did at Madrid for the last 3 months of that year.

  18. Juve juve

    Teach that kid maicon a good lesson fact and fantasy delusional and realistic. Must be hurt swing their clubs always come second.

  19. Inter bells

    That’s all very nice but championships aren’t awarded on past successes,you guys should know…you aren’t even involved in this one.

  20. Inter bells

    Championships generally aren’t awarded to the second fiddle,I’m not sure that’s how it works.


    Inter bells

    They weren’t involved in the last one either

    And Frankie, listing a bunch of useless stats and biased data off Wikipedia to push your agenda

    What even is international completions? Be specific. How many Champion league, the only cup that matters on the international level does your clown team have?

    And well, Jube has never ans will never win the treble. Can’t even one 2 out of 3 anymore

  22. Samy Ibrahim

    All these inter cry babies. Under every article about juve their is an inter Fan without life and family

  23. Cmm

    Am a Nigerian who cheers for Juventus. I’ve never met any Inter supporter in Nigeria, infact apart from Ac Milan and Juventus I’ve never come across any human person cheering for other Italian clubs. Though dudes here are mostly premiership bandwagoners.

  24. Bianconero

    Inter have had a few good seasons. Juve have had decades of good seasons. Trophies matter. Yes juve have had a short break (despite winning the coppa italia last year). But now they’ve got vlahovic they’ll soon be back where they belong.

  25. Maicon

    If they will soon be back where they belong maybe they will go back in serie B once again ?

  26. dzurjakcsopi

    you are still taking the substance?
    where are your carers ?


    Maicon, if juve go to serie be does it mean that inter will wtach the champions league on dazn as always?

  28. black N WHITE

    do u relly wan to compere throphies with JUVENTUS ? MAICON ? U can thank juventus for your trmble whitout the steal of zlatan o viera you would be like milan fighting in europa league 😀

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