Juventus investigation: Ronaldo and the ‘secret document’

by | Dec 1, 2021 12:38

Investigators are looking for a ‘secret document’ regarding Cristiano Ronaldo and particular individual salary adjustments at Juventus. Here are the details.

Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Manchester United in August but his name re-appears in the Italian newspapers after the Turin Public Prosectuor’s Office collected documents for their investigation.

Juventus are being accused of false accounting in the capital gains case and Guardia di Finanza arrived at Continassa on Friday to collect the required information.

Juventus under investigation for false accounting

Il Corriere dello Sport reports it was necessary to acquire accounting, non-accounting, banking and correspondence documentation referring to each operation carried out from July 2018 and onwards.

The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office have reportedly highlighted two situations that didn’t appear to have been published and communicated to the competent bodies.

The first one highlighted is the ‘writing certifying the existence of a’ non-federal obligation ‘on the part of Atalanta in the context of the double transfer operation of the players Merih Demiral and Cristiano Romero’.

And the other case regards a ‘private agreement concerning the contractual relationship and the debts of salaries of the football player Cristiano Ronaldo’.

The two cases have been defined as ‘documents constituting the body of the crime or in any case things pertinent to the crime, also in order to accurately reconstruct the responsibility profiles of the individual suspects’.

Guardia di Finanza has started looking for documents relating to Ronaldo after having discovered the ‘secret documents’ from one of the wiretaps.

Juventus release statement over financial investigation

A reference was made about a ‘famous document that should not have theoretically existed’. The police is now looking for individual agreements that every player of the squad made with Juventus in March 2020, during the lockdown.

Players and staff members gave up their salaries in March, April, May and June, but in the event of a restart of the activity would then have discussed the integration of the remuneration in the following year, which should have amounted to approximately two and a half months.

Ronaldo had a salary worth €31m per season and thus over €10m were frozen during the lockdown and would be recounted after the end of the lockdown and the restart of the activity.

Elkann on investigation: ‘Juventus collaborate to shed light’

epa09366519 Juventus' player Cristiano Ronaldo arrives at J Medical Center of Juventus, in Turin, Italy, 26 July 2021. EPA-EFE/Alessandro Di Marco



    Go on the court and judge them for possesing a secret, famous document.


    Sounds to me like Interisti want to know how financially fit Juve is so that they can try to use it as an explanation to PIF as to why they should but Inter …… but the deadline passed for PIF to buy right ?

  3. Gio

    The Italian government wants to take down Juventus so bad and at all costs. They’re just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks at this point and have been doing it – without break – since we returned to the top flight.

    It not only hurts Juve.. or Serie A… but Italia itself. It’s a shame.

  4. TorreDG

    Is there anything this team will not do in order to succeed ? Why? Is it financial pressure or ego. Exor the family company has enormous wealth and does not need to engage in this type of financial trickery in order to retain stability. Yet they are constantly involved in activities that are irresponsible and bring suspicion on the great tradition of Juve the team, football, Serie A and Italy, For too long leadership has disregarded regulations and exhibited unbridled spending in its pursuit of winning.
    The worldwide fan base is embarassed by their management yet still maintains a devotion and loyalty to this team that is unparalled. They must get their act together or will find themselves in a wilderness that will cost them both financially & legally. Worse, they will lose the respect and admiration of their fanbase.

  5. Let them do their jobs

    This is how you run a witch hunt and a kangaroo court. Instead of prosecutors trying to make a name for themselves and leaking information to a sports newspaper, do it properly through the court system. Then, if wrongdoing is found, fine, penalties can be made accordingly. If Juve is cleared, also fine since everyone did their job without political pressure. Now, we have an already prejudiced system and mud-slinging is taking place. No facts are given and everyone makes their assumptions based on their prior beliefs.

  6. Vogel

    love and marriage
    horse and carriage
    Juventus and false accounting

    Just a list of things that belong together.

    There is rarely any smoke without fire.

    Next they should investigate Locatelli’s transfer. Because that took far too long and even while it was going on, there was talk of ‘secret meetings’ to finalise the transfer.

    hint: You don’t need a secret meeting if you’re not doing anything dodgy.

    There’s only one question to ask now: Do they have enough olive oil to cook those books?! LOL

  7. EL CID

    @G I also think you need to check your brain cells before commenting, as you added nothing to the conversation. Who goes by the name of G anyway. If you read before even writing I agree that there has not been any evidence to suggest illegality. Nevertheless there always seems to be smoke and fire with the backroom dealings of this club. If they are innocent, fine move on. What if they have been up to no good? Serie D is the appropriate punishment to stop this once and for all. If they are innocent, they should then sue for any damage done to the brand. Also I am an Inter fan but recognise the stature of the black and white. It is not good for the image of the league but we shall see, Forza Inter.

  8. JUVEwarrior

    World football is corrupt and it all needs cleaning up so start with FIFA and work down. These investigations just punish Italian football in general. Led by a bunch of communists in positions of influence shaking their rattles.

  9. hypo

    Didn’t inter and Milan get done for the same thing back in season 2008/09? Something like €90000 for inflated transfer fees and financial irregularities. And also aren’t Napoli being investigated now for the same thing?

  10. Crawfc

    Can’t stand the arrogance of inter fans on here, you know that inter were said to be even worse than juve in calcopoli, but because they were running the whole show from, illegal wire taps, to investigation, newspapers and everything else, the evidence was mysteriously buried

    Then to arrogantly act like a model club, its a joke accept who you are, just as I have with juves questionable antics

    Also juve are not the only team under the microscope here
    But as usual the push is to emphasise their involvement

    If all these clubs did it then punishment should be the same, and demoing juve napoli and roma is only bad for the league, but S napoli are now inter big rivals, it should work out nice

  11. dzurjakcsopi

    If you have any friends (I doubt), ask them to explain why everyone thinks you are pathetic.
    But to my surprise you forgot to mention that Inter failed to qualify for the knock out stage in CL for 3 years running. Hope it is not dementia.

  12. J10B

    How naive are you guys? You guys believe everything you read on the internett. It’s hillarious to see all you guys moning. Whats more funny is even if Juve is found guilty dont expect a huge punishment as Inter & Chievo was found guilty of doing the same thing back in 2008, and Chievo got a 3 point penalty & Inter only god a fine. Still you guys act like this is the first time something like this has happend & only Juve doing it but keep dreaming boys. LOL

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