A UEFA investigation into Juventus‘ finances will end in June and a ban from European competitions is a possible scenario for the Bianconeri although it could change if they officially abandon the Super League.

The Serie A giants have been hit with a new 10-point penalty for 2023-24 but more will follow as a new FIGC trial will occur in June, when UEFA will also end their own investigation.

As explained by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the European football governing body has two potential reasons to punish the Bianconeri. First, breach of Fair Play rules and sporting probity, second breach of FFP regulations.

Now, investigations in Italy appear to prove Juventus have artificially altered their balance sheets, allowing their ex-directors to close a favourable FFP deal with UEFA. Juventus were allowed to pay only a €3.5m fine rather than €19.5m, but with the ‘real’ figures in hand, the outcome would have been different, claims Gazzetta.

According to the report, UEFA are open to a dialogue with Juventus, as long as the club formally quit the Super League. Their former President Andrea Agnelli was one of the architects of the breakaway competition two years ago, and Juventus are still formally involved alongside La Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.

However, if Juventus don’t take a step back, UEFA are reportedly unwilling to negotiate a reduced sentence. For this reason, UEFA are said to be ‘surprised’ that ‘nobody from Turin has called’ trying to open a dialogue.

The potential European ban would begin only once the Bianconeri qualify for Champions, Europa or Conference League so it doesn’t apply for 2023-24 if Massimiliano Allegri’s men don’t earn a spot in a European competition this term.

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