Juventus reportedly offer Kean to OGC Nice


After his agents were spotted at the Juventus training ground today, it is now reported that Moise Kean has been offered to OGC Nice.

The striker is weighing on the Bianconeri, who could regret the deal they struck with Everton to sign him back on loan at €7m with obligation to buy for another €28m.

The 22-year-old was frozen out of last week’s friendly defeat to Atletico Madrid as punishment because he turned up late to training.

Eyebrows were raised today when both agents Rafaela Pimenta and Enzo Raiola were spotted at the Continassa camp, where Juventus have their headquarters.

It was quickly followed by reports in France from Footmercato that Juve had proposed Kean to OGC Nice in Ligue 1.

The source claims Nice do not see him as a priority and are currently looking at other targets.

France is where Kean played his best football, scoring 17 goals in 41 games while on loan at Paris Saint-Germain.

6 Comments on “Juventus reportedly offer Kean to OGC Nice”

  1. I am sure their legendary coach will have everything sorted out. A leopard never changes its spots and leaving their shopping or lack of any to the last minute. Joke of a club either way.

  2. @ Piemonte Calcio Farmers of Europe: 38 scudetto baby, if that isn’t success I don’t know what your definition of it is! You just come across as a sourpuss that envies Juventus all her victories while your team only gets a scudetto once every two decades. So yeah, I can see where your saltiness is coming from 😉

  3. Piemonte has a point. Farmers of Europe is definitely accurate for their shortcomings in Europe. Milan‘s 7 European crowns is worth far more and they are part of the upper echelons of European royalty. Even Inter have more and that is just being objective.

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