Juventus record losses at €254.3m

epa10061121 New Juventus' player Paul Pogba arrives at the J Medical center to undergo medical tests, in Turin, Italy, 09 July 2022. The French international has arrived in Turin to complete his return to Italian Serie A soccer side Juventus on a free transfer. EPA-EFE/Alessandro Di Marco

Juventus have announced their record-breaking losses of €254.3m, more than any club in the history of Serie A.

The Bianconeri held their Board of Directors meeting this evening and announced the results during Italy’s Nations League match with England.

They were perhaps hoping to bury the bad news, because it is a new record loss of €254.3m on the balance closing on June 30, 2022.

That is an increase on the €209.9m losses they had in the year ending June 30, 2021.

It is Juve’s fifth consecutive year making losses, as they ended 2017-18 in the red at €19m, rising to €40m in 2018-19, then €90m in 2019-20 and €210m last year.

These figures are also still affected by the COVID pandemic and the additional costs, as well as reduced revenue, during that period.

In fact, the revenue from the stadium has increased from €8m to €32m, but has not yet reached the €74m it had in 2018-19.

5 Comments on “Juventus record losses at €254.3m”

  1. Cypher focus on your club’s problems. Losing money off the pitch losing to Monza on it. Maccabi Haifa next ?

  2. Well, if you have never won the CL in what feels like 2000 years and play the most insipid coma calcio on the planet, you will never expand the base. The logo is a cheap trick and did nothing. Fans in the Asia Pacific region are fed up of waiting till the early hours of the morning, only to fall alseep after 12 seconds when seeing the CALMAAA!!! order the troops back into the bunker for 90 mins.

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