According to the latest reports, Juventus are ready to offer Paulo Dybala the original contract he agreed in October, but only if his agent gives up the commission.

The situation has been dragging on for months, as they had agreed a deal for a contract extension in October 2021 for €8m per season plus €2-3m in various performance-related bonuses.

The club then got cold feet, partly due to Dybala’s on-going injury problems and lack of consistent form on the field, instead proposing a lower wage package.

This irritated the player, who could be a free agent in July, as his current contract only runs to June 30.

Now claim that Juventus have made a new proposal to Dybala and his agent Jorge Antun.

They are prepared to stand by the original €8m plus bonuses salary, but only if Antun agrees to give up on a large chunk of the commission he would’ve made on that deal.

Juventus are effectively pitting Dybala against his own agent, hoping to rely on La Joya’s desire to remain in Turin with the Bianconeri.

When Juve had tried to sell him in previous years, he rejected offers from Tottenham Hotspur and others, wanting to stay with the Old Lady.

29 thought on “Juventus pit Dybala against his agent with new contract offer”
  1. Juve always find a way to sink to new lows. I hope Dybala insists they double his agents commission now, or walks for free. They should halve Agnellis, Nedveds, and Allegris salaries. Get rid of Arrivabene. He did nothing in when charge of Ferrari.

  2. Let him go if he doesn’t accept, he doesn’t deserve 8m + bonus. I think Juventus already had Dembele on hand to replace him.
    It’s pretty risky to sign him considering his frequent injury issue. The signing on fee is at least 10m+ and hard to offload if performance is below expectation. The owner of Inter is de facto broke in China.

  3. Dybala is replaceable. Let him walk. Not many clubs willing to pay for him given his injury record. Reinvest in another that is more suited to play alongside the future of the attack of Chiesa and Vlahovic.

  4. Go to Dustbinter and do not let the door hit you on the way out. I do not no why people are nostalgic for this guy. He was really good but time catches up and he has been on the decline for some time as he cannot stay fit, is too lazy, plays too deep and the goals are not there.

  5. @villarusso What are you talking about? They want to pay Dybala what he asks even though he probably doesn’t deserve it considering he’s injured half the time and never stepped up in big games. They just don’t want to pay his agent the ridiculous commissions he asks. We’re full of people who want to be the next Mino Raiola and became billionaires by forcing clubs to sell or renew players whenever they want. Agents is one of thew reasons football has become they way it is now. And you say Juventus is sinking low because they don’t do the favour to scum agents? And btw, Arrivabene is the one who clear all the mess Paratici left behind. Who do you think bough Loca, Vlahovic and Zak for good prices while also selling two bench players for 70m and getting rid of Ramsey?

  6. Dybala is go8ng to be injured YET AGAIN for a crucial UCL match. I can see both sides pf the argument. He is a technical player and is great against small teams, but can Juve really build a team around an injury prone player? If he leaves, Juve can bring Pogba back and pay him this 10 million salary instead.

  7. @Villarusso, seems like you only read the title. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    @Andy, what do you mean by that? Loser club? lol

    Last time, i check Juve won Coppa Italia. That means they always win a trophy or two every season for 10 years. Something that your team can’t do. Have some respect.

  8. 8 million plus bonuses is a very generous offer considering he can no longer stay healthy and contribute to this team on a regular basis, cutting his agent off is also the right thing to do as some of Dybalas contract can go pay his agent, the only reason he is getting this offer as it will cost Juve 40 million min to replace him and then the cost of a contract, if he rejects this offer let him walk as at 28 years old he isn’t getting healthier or going to play any better it might be best to move on

  9. As for Arrivabene he has been doing a admirable job cleaning up the mess left behind from Paraticci, unfortunately Serie A is a very tactical defensive league, Juve tried to open things up and the last few years and quickly realized your not going to play free range entertaining ball in Italy very easily, No team as you can see is running away with this league so lets check and delay our remarks about the present management for later, some players will blossom for you while others will have to leave to blossom, we had a good run with Alegri in the past hopefully he can take us back to where we were unfortunately this team needs some pieces before that can happen

  10. He is at the peak of his career in terms of age so he won’t be getting much better than this and although a very good player, he is nowhere near the Juve greats. He just isn’t worth that salary based on performances alone, then you factor in the injuries. I don’t see value here.

  11. I see soany got disappointed that Juve found the perfect formula to keep Dybala. What a bunch of loosers and suckers. Waiting for a free ride at an expense of somebody else? Snitches get stitches

  12. Love this. Hopefully this is true and the management won’t budge.

    Time for agents to earn a living instead of being leeches that ruin players’ careers.

  13. This is funny if a player want to continue and the team offered what he wants but the deal stuck in the agent hand.
    Football agents are gefting too much power it is crazy footbal nowadays. Anyone who sides with the agent is crazy. They made clubs suffer and football have too much politics and conspiracy.
    Football used to teach people a lot about value and loyality, but it looks like a lost cause now.

  14. The Problem is Juve medical team and not the players. They don’t know how to handle injuries and rehab players. I hope the club can keep him otherwise we will struggle again. Dybala has been the link between the midfield and the attack. He drops back to collect the ball and create the play. It was obvious when he were subbed in the second half last game and started to struggle as a team. I am certain, if he ends up moving, we will regret it and he is going to do much better especially at Man City.

  15. People on the internet: agents are a scourge of modern football, we should get rid of them ASAP!
    Same people on the internet: Juventus are a disgrace, they should pay the agent!

  16. They should offer him €4mill plus an extra €8mill bonus if he achieve more than 80% matches a season.

  17. Mario neta. most of them are desert donkeys or shinter fans who dont have a clue what football really is. SO dont worry. they are just jealous of juve

  18. Please Juve let this weak no10 go, dont extend contract, there is Raspadori who can make much better job if you really want this role player… Just not give these 10millions you will regret very much and will not sell him never because he simply will not go nowhere even if someone offer good millions, let him go and look about raspadori, and maybe Scamacca in complect. And let go dybala morata and Kean… Next season italian force raspadori scamacca and zaniolo in…

  19. @villarusso

    Agents are the curse of football, if true, I think it’s a good tactic by Juve. I agree with you @The Master completely.

  20. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Stroke of genius. His useless agent has done nothing but drag this on doing absolutely nothing but obstruct obstruct obstruct. This is going to pay off huge and send useless packing for good. La Juve is BACK!!!

  21. FORZA Juve, Det ville vært ideelt for fremtiden, det du foreslår, men det handler om å avslutte denne sesongen med verdighet.

  22. For the forseeable future, Dybala has to stay. He will always be a polarizing figure as his style is a dying breed (del p, totti, sneider) since the advent of attacking wing play.

    As to how much he should be paid is debatable but he is the most creative person when he is on a pitch. We always knew his longevity would be questionable and with age he will be injured more. His physical makeup always seemed to point in that direction.

    People talk about him being too “lazy” or “plays too deep” – his style has never changed. the tactical systems have.

    As much as I like JUVE and respect Agnelli any “blame” has to be laid on the president. You’ve seen over the last few years since the time of winning those 9 scudetto, the direction he is trying to take the club, making it more marketable and appealing globally.

    Hindsight is 20/20 but trust me the detractors would not have been speaking like this if the Ronaldo experiment didn’t happen. It stunted the growth of Dybala and quite a few others on that side. You heard it first hand from the players themselves…

    We have to remember also that quite a few members of this lot went through FOUR sets coaches and systems.. (Allegri, Sarri, Pirlo, Allegri again)

  23. Dybala, just accept it please. But if he leave, relax, the board always have the money to find someone equal/better

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