Juventus owners disappointed by Dybala as Inter prepare contract offer

by | Jan 18, 2022 12:18

According to reports in Italy, Andrea Agnelli and John Elkann are disappointed by Paulo Dybala’s behaviour while Inter CEO Beppe Marotta is preparing a contract offer for the Juventus striker.

Dybala sees his current deal expire at the end of the season and a contract extension is not to be taken for granted.

According to multiple reports in Italy, Juventus won’t offer Dybala €10m-a-year, including add-ons, which is how much the Bianconeri had offered him a few weeks ago, managing to reach an agreement with La Joya.

What’s behind Dybala contract dispute: from Man United snub to Juventus chiefs’ claims

The latest developments are causing tension as Dybala refused to celebrate his goal against Udinese on Saturday, glaring at directors in the stands instead.

Andrea Agnelli was not at the stadium as he was positive for COVID, but watched the game on TV.

According to Tuttosport, both he and his cousin John Elkann, chairman and CEO of Exor, the holding company that holds the club were, not impressed by the striker’s behaviour and think it’s not suited to the team’s future leader.

Juventus will resume contract talks with their striker in February, but many clubs around Europe have set their sights on the 28-year-old, including Tottenham Hotspur, Inter and Barcelona.

“Dybala would be an aspiration for many clubs,” Inter CEO Marotta said on Sunday.

“We keep an eye on the evolution of the market, but we are satisfied at the moment and want to show respect to the forwards who are already doing so well for Inter.”

According to Il Corriere della Sera, the Nerazzurri have already prepared an economic plan to welcome the Argentinean in the summer.

Arturo Vidal and Matias Vecino could leave at the end of the season. Perhaps, the Uruguay international may pack his suitcase even earlier with Lazio interested in signing him in January.

Alexis Sanchez may also give his farewell to San Siro in June, one year before the expiration of his contract if Inter pay him €4.5m.

However, it remains to be seen if Dybala will ‘betray’ Juventus by joining their biggest rivals on a free transfer.



  1. ilyas

    Nobody is bigger then the club

  2. Rosario

    Since the beginning of the 18/19 season, Dybala has missed a whole season’s equivalent of 38 games through injuries. The fact is, taking into account all of the factors (some of them self depricating), Juventus and pretty much all Italian clubs just aren’t competitive when it comes to salaries. Whatever they offer him, there will be at least 5 clubs outside Italy able to offer more. That’s the sad reality.

  3. the Soup nazi

    Inter should sign him and then sell him to chelsea a week later for 100m

  4. Gio

    The fact is juve put out that 10 mill then pulled back. Its a dirty move that killed the trust between them.

  5. Gio

    @ rosario this is true but really, its all EPL and PSG. Other leagues, like spanish are suffering. France is in a heap of trouble. Germany has maybe 1 club that could offer more. Context is important here.

  6. MZ

    Agnelli is a complete hypocrite. He does not think that Dybala’s behaviour is befitting of the team’s future leader – but him telling Conte (who was responsible for starting the longest wining cycle in the club’s history) to eff off and shut up after a match, is befitting of a club president..what an absolute muppet of a man!!!

  7. MZ

    Inter will sign him. Keep him for a year. Turn him into a better player and then sell him off for a tidy profit. Marotta did that with Pogba at Juve and with Lukaku at Inter. This man knows a good business opportunity when he sees it. Juve management on the other had is bunch of headless chickens.

  8. serie a LOVER

    i dont believe a word these newspapers say

  9. Angelo

    If he moves to Inter is says a lot about Juventus these days. This would never happened if the coin was flipped on the other side. Dybala has an easy choice. If he wants more money go to the premier league, the choice is simple. Going to Inter would be just to spite Juventus and is an insult to the fans. I would not be surprised as players these days are not principled. They are only loyal to their agents as well as their bank account. Juventus only have themselves to blame in the wider picture as they should have sold him 2 years ago and made profit. By haggling for that length of time shows how incompetent the directors are. Marotta does not mess around when it comes to selling, buying and renegotiating.

  10. Mikkel

    Since he’s out of contract a 10 mill contract seems reasonable. He’s our best player along with Chiesa. KEEP HIM.

  11. Darrel jupiter

    Dybala Loves Juventus… But For me he has past His Best Years… We should Have sold him Last Summer…

  12. JOHNG

    stop blocking my comments

  13. Gman

    This really is just another mess by Juve management. Not making an intelligent contract offer in the 1st place and now wanting to change it. He’s not the only one, stupid salaries for Ramsey, Rabiot. There are no analytics being done at this club whatsoever it seems. If Elkann ran his business the way Agnelli runs Juve he would be a complete failure. This just opens the door to Inter to make an intelligent offer for the right amount of time and money and I suspect Morotta wont make the same stupid mistakes as Juve’s moron management.

  14. Vikram

    I’m supporting Juve but I really hope he go to Inter just to spice things up.

  15. @jimmy_Stallion

    The player thinks at his age he is worth more then the market says. Juve have giving him all non monitory signs that want to continue the relationship, the number 10, the armband, but he continues to not move from the 10M figure. Then go else where. I don’t think he gets that number anywhere

  16. Ale

    Juve will go stronger without dybala, seeing him as not such an impressive player.amy players can replace him in the future
    So, better Juve start to look elsewhere

  17. Nerazzuri

    Agnelli gave the offer and taken back the offer. Then he is dissapointed with Dybala. LOL. You can’t make this up!

  18. Vincere senza rubare

    We`ve all witnessed transfer of power from juBentus to Inter last year. Ever wondered how it happened? Let me break it down:
    1. Agnelli had a row with Conte and Conte left
    2. Agnelli had a row with Marotta and Marotta left

    Now what do we see?
    3. Agnelli has a row with Dybala because contract agreed is not valid any more.

  19. Jarod KNowles

    Looks like someone’s not a happy camper, you know what that means before June? Goals!
    Dybala now has a point to prove on the pitch. You can stare at me all you like just bring me the goals!
    ‘hat a boi!
    I like it when you’re mad, you worker harder!

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