Juventus-owned Mohamed Ihattaren continues to spiral out of control, as reports in the Netherlands state the 20-year-old has been arrested.

According to De Telegraaf, AD and more, Ihattaren was in a house in Utrecht at the time of the arrest and taken to a police station.

Details remain sketchy, with police only confirming they had arrested a 20-year-old man for “making threats.”

Ihattaren was one of the most promising players in the Netherlands when coming through the PSV Eindhoven academy, but his life spiralled out of control following the death of his father.

He had hoped that a move to a new country would help with the €1.9m transfer to Juventus in August 2021.

However, he was loaned to Sampdoria immediately and barely ever attended training, instead rushing back to Holland and at one point going AWOL with nobody aware of his whereabouts for weeks.

Juve terminated that loan and sent him to Ajax instead in January 2022, but the situation did not improve there either and the Dutch club called an early end to that deal too.

Wesley Sneijder and the family of former Ajax player Appie Nouri tried to take him in, but there was further chaos with a very brief marriage to influencer Yasmine Driouech and an incident where his Porsche caught fire in Utrecht.

In theory, Ihattaren is expected back at Juventus for training in January 2023.

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