Juventus outcast Ramsey rejects Burnley bid

by | Jan 4, 2022 20:54

Juventus outcast Aaron Ramsey has rejected an approach from Premier League minnows Burnley FC, according to reports.

The Wales international midfielder is not part of Max Allegri’s plans and is eager for a return to the Premier League where he can play more regularly.

So far, Newcastle United are the club most linked with a potential swoop.

However, Sky Sport Italia transfer expert Gianluca Di Marzio claims Burnley FC made a formal offer that Ramsey rejected outright, as he wants to come back to England for a more ambitious club.

Aaron Ramsey


  1. Al

    Never seen any body like Ramsey! Truly shameless unethical behavior, but I guess the one to blame is Juventus poor management.


    Yes, poor management!

    They need to exlude him from training with first squad and redirect to primavera boys. And put him in the stands so he can watch games more calmly, like spectator.

    What a disgrace.

  3. Crawf100

    Sitting on the money, juves fault paying that, in many ways why should he leave, but I feel if it was me I’d want to play football, it must be a heck of a feelingvto walk onto t jk ose pitch mes week after week. If he thinks he is too good for Burnley he is sorely mistaken,

  4. Jarod KNowles

    Interesting this that I have deduced from the Ramsey Affair
    How is that he scores tons of goals at Wales while chewing a a licorice stick making it nook easy, yet in Juv he is a minnow. he says it’s the medics at Wales that have him recuperate quicker.

    Which begs the question-if the medics are better there, are the training for finishers also better there (balls in the net) as we have a finishing issue in Italy.

  5. Gio

    You cant blame him for not accepting Burnley! If juve have no desire to play him shouls not have bought him. Imagine yiur employer saying ok we dont want you now you go to mcdonalds! Just a bad transfer from Juve. Reminds me very much of the bale situation in real madrid with zidane.

  6. Sharky

    Riiight… better medics and finishing coaches at Wales… that’s it!!

  7. Giovanni

    Could be worse – could be Barca.

  8. FORZA Juve

    Why you not let my comment

  9. FORZA Juve

    Need to cut his and rabiots heads off

  10. FORZA Juve

    They scammed team and came to club only for money and not football

  11. FORZA Juve

    they should clearly know that they have no any chances to help Juventus

  12. FORZA Juve

    and only what they can help is to sit on bench and not disturb on the pith

  13. FORZA Juve

    Such scammers need to put in jail at least

  14. Fiorentincheg

    So glad to see such a strong work ethic and respect to the contract these days.

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