Juventus-Napoli at risk of being called off due to COVID

by | Dec 27, 2021 18:05

Juventus’ Serie A clash against Napoli is at risk of being postponed following a rise in COVID cases.

The Omicron variant has led to increased restrictions across Europe in recent weeks and the world of football has not been spared, with many players across the top leagues testing positive for the virus recently, like Lazio talisman Ciro Immobile.

Juventus are set to host Napoli on January 6, after the Christmas break, but now there’s a chance that the match will be called off due to the increased rate of positivity amongst Serie A players.

Speaking to Fanpage earlier today, the director of the Napoli 2 Local Health Authority Antonio D’Amore failed to rule out new measures to prevent the spread of the virus, saying “we are navigating by sight and we have a lot of concern about Omicron.”

Discussing Napoli’s upcoming away match against the Bianconeri, D’Amore noted that “it’s not possible to predict anything. We’ll also have to see if the government will take other decisions in the control room.

“Some players have to come back from their holidays and I don’t think Fabian Ruiz can come back from Spain so easily. It’s definitely a situation to be monitored.’

Last season, this match was at the centre of controversy following the Local Health Authority’s decision to prevent Napoli for leaving for Turin after Piotr Zielinski’s positive test result. The Bianconeri were awarded a 3-0 default win and a long legal battle between the Partenopei and Lega Serie A followed. Eventually, Napoli won their appeal and the match was re-played.

Last week, the Local Health Authority in Salerno refused to let Salernitana travel to face Udinese, giving the Bianconeri a 3-0 default win.


  1. Crawf100

    Hmmm didn’t I read this somewhere before

  2. michael gilman

    Hvis 13 er friske, avlyses ikke kampen. I Premier League står dette respektert, men i Napoli finner trollmenn opp med triks.

  3. ADL dog

    LOL, so with one COVID case that even not in Italy but in Spain Napoli again trying to play dirty games because they have so many injuries and postpone the game? Thats just disgusting.


    Juve conspiracy nuts incoming in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  5. Crawf100

    Could not have said it better myself Michael gilman

  6. JUVEwarrior

    Would be good to have feedback on why posts are censored!

  7. JUVEwarrior

    Is it because I said Italy was on its way to becoming a Peoples Republic?

  8. JUVEwarrior

    Or because I questioned what testing positive means in a heavily vaccinated society?


    Napoli is up to their old tricks again !

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