Juan Cuadrado again skipped training with Juventus and is unlikely to feature in tomorrow’s rescheduled friendly against Atletico Madrid with a mysterious ailment.



The Colombia international had already missed the traditional pre-season test with the Juve Under-23 side and is still not back working with his teammates.

It is not entirely clear what injury is plaguing Cuadrado, merely that he is ‘indisposed’ and therefore not available for Max Allegri.

There were reports this was a stomach upset, but it seems to be dragging on over several days.

The coach is also missing Paul Pogba, Federico Chiesa, Weston McKennie and Mattia De Sciglio, while Adrien Rabiot and Moise Kean will be suspended for the opening Serie A match of the season against Sassuolo.

Juventus will host Atletico Madrid on Sunday at 17.00 UK time at the Continassa training ground in Turin, a change of venue from the original in Tel Aviv.

The match had been cancelled over security fears due to unrest in Israel, then moved to Juve’s training camp.

It will be played behind closed doors.

5 thought on “Juventus miss Cuadrado with mystery ailment”
  1. @Steve Who was talking to you? Don’t try to wade in on something that isn’t your business. Didn’t know he needed cheerleaders… But yes, back to Cuadrado, since FI and especially, Susy, are the only ones running this non-story in the usual Juve smear attempt, then no-one needs to address a non-existent problem. Juve seem to be doing reasonably well on the market, better than most of the Serie A competition (the most notable one being totally broke) so I don’t see what the problem is here.

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