Watch: Juventus midfielder Arthur crashes Ferrari

by | Sep 22, 2021 12:21

Juventus midfielder Arthur crashed his Ferrari this morning as he was reportedly involved in a car accident.

The Brazilian striker is currently out of action after undergoing surgery to repair a right leg injury in July.

According to Juventusnews24, Arthur was involved in a car accident in Turin this morning and luckily, were no consequences for the former Barcelona man. However, the Brazilian’s Ferrari was seen with severe damage on the right headlight.

Arthur was driving to the J Medical, where he was supposed to have medical examinations.

As per the same report, the midfielder doesn’t have any responsibility for the crash.

Arthur is expected to return to action after the international break in October. This is his second season in Turin after an €80m move from Barcelona in the summer of 2020.

Arthur in action for Juventus against Crotone


  1. Dar Black

    Crashing Ferraris is a common pastime of Juve players is it not? Vidal did it in Chile, he soon got the chop, Martin Caceres did it and he was gone soon after. And although the former two were under the influence apparently, Arthur should hope that the outcome of things doesn’t come in three’s…! Although after the underwhelming performances he puts in pre-injury maybe him getting the boot won’t be the worst thing to happen to Juve’s underwhelming midfield roster 🙂 And I am a Juve supporter btw.

  2. Bruno

    An appropriate metaphor for how Juventus’ seaason is going so far.

  3. JuveFan

    This Juventus team lacks discipline on and off the field. It’s nice to have a young team but a young team that’s not disciplined/focused on Juventus is useless. There’s more boneheads on this team than a graveyard.

  4. Vero Rossonero

    Arthur for 80mm. Enough said about the Juventus situation. How is that Super League coming along?

  5. Dar Black

    @ Vero. The 80 million was not a cash deal primarily. It was if you bothered to do any research an inflated ‘book value’ deal between two clubs (Barca and Juve) needing to show an asset valuation increase in the club accounts, to show a non-existant profit in the books without there actually being a real cash at bank profit.

    This is common practice across all Italy (although it is being investigated with a view to stopping it).

    The Super League has been ruled in Spain as not illegal. So it may yet come to fruition. I don’t doubt that all the backboneless clubs like Milan who buckled under the first sign of UEFA pressure will be back once they see a green light to proceed….. So nothing for you to feel morally superior about chum 😉 But good try……

  6. Vero Rossonero

    @Dar Black, regardless of the true value of the Arthur deal, still a maneuver to fix the books yes? And if you want to be technical about it Pjanic went the other way for 60mm, so it’s a 20mm net spend. Valuation inflation tricks notwithstanding. But these are all technicalities.

    It seems you’re a Super League fan. Oh goodie. It’s not illegal in Spain because they have the two worst managed football clubs on the planet which happen to be national treasures. Can’t wait let them go bankrupt, can we? Can’t wait for the “Super” League clubs to earn their “extra” 300mm per year and immediately blow it on a couple of further inflated signings and salaries, as they will all be outbidding each other, and selling clubs and players/agents will all get in on the bubble. if Mbappe is 180mm now, what would he be then? 300-400mm? Woohoo. So what next? A “Galactic League”? The top 10 clubs in the Super League all playing each other four times! Maybe we’ll have to pay a la carte per game? $20 per match! Yay.

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