Juventus’ McKennie facing month out

Juventus midfielder Weston McKennie is facing a month out after picking up a shoulder injury, according to various reports in Italy.

The US international missed the final match of the pre-season tour of his homeland which Juve lost 2-0 to Real Madrid.

And Gazzetta dello Sport among other report he will be out for a month after dislocating his shoulder.

The news will come as a huge blow to coach Massimiliano Allegri, who is already without new signing Paul Pogba.

The France midfielder will reportedly decide on Monday whether to undergo a knee operation which could potentially cost him a place at the World Cup later this year and keep him out of action until 2023.

McKennie joined Juve initially in a loan deal in 2020 before the move became permanent six months later.

During his two seasons with the club, he has made 44 appearances and scored five goals.

13 Comments on “Juventus’ McKennie facing month out”

  1. Nobody whinning about this one too ?
    He is not as old as Pogba as some of u say
    Well everybody gets injured
    It’s not whether you like a certian player or not. everyone gets injured. but Juventus medical stuff are so funny. they sent Chiesa back on the pitch after he was partially injured in that match so he can tear his acl succesfully. bunch of noob doctors

  2. @Ray piero: With what you don’t understand, you could fill a warehouse. How can a dislocated shoulder be the fault of the medical staff? It’s just unlucky.

  3. @Zambrotta
    You know why it is the fault of the medical staff ?
    Cause he was already injured and on the way to recovery but got injured , just like Chiesa last season. This medical team is clueless.
    @Forza Juve
    Ronaldo is not a human . He is really some sort of alien i guess. I never remember him injured, lol
    They guy’s on steriod 24/7 for years. LMAO

  4. @ BRIAN: You must have done real well at school with that logic. LOL. Broken ankle and dislocated shoulder WTH has that have to do with each other? You dislocate your shoulder from falling awkwardly or maybe in a dual, literally nothing the medical team can envision or prevent. And injuries were just as bad under Pirlo and Sarri by the way.

  5. @Zambrotta
    And you must be a real history genius and have a snail brain that you don’t remember how Chiesa got ACL.
    Go on defend Juve medical staff. I don’t pay their salaries, Agnelli does. why would i care

  6. @Brian: So because they may have made a mistake with Chiesa, all injuries are their fault? Jesus Christ, I would try to explain the stupidity, but it’s too clear to even explain. You don’t even try to explain what a dislocated shoulder has to do with a broken ankle. Just keep talking beside the point.

  7. Also, Chiesa’s injury was a result of a tackle from a Roma player. It’s not that he ruptured it on his own. It didn’t have anything to do with the medical staff. His injury before was a muscle injury that has nothing to do with the ligaments, but conspiracy theory away, buddy!

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