Juventus legends hit out at Ronaldo

by | Sep 3, 2021 08:57

Juventus legends Sergio Brio and Alessio Tacchinardi believes Cristiano Ronaldo disrespected the Old Lady and put the club ‘in a difficult situation.’

Ronaldo left the Bianconeri four days before the end of the summer transfer window, making a shock return to Manchester United.

The Portuguese ace flew to Lisbon from Turin on Friday, August 27, just before the Red Devils announced his return to Old Trafford.

Juventus found themselves with little time to replace the former Real Madrid superstar and brought in Moise Kean from Everton.

Ronaldo explained that joining Manchester United was “the best decision he could make” and many Juventus fans on social media have found his behaviour disrespectful towards the Serie A giants.

Juventus legends Sergio Brio and Alessio Tacchinardi share the same view.

“Juventus deserve more respect, I didn’t expect Ronaldo to snub the club like this. It was not nice of him,” Brio told Tuttosport.

“I always speak highly of the three clubs where I played: Juventus, Lecce and Pistoiese because they signed me and believed in me. Cristiano is a great professional, but his farewell should have been different.

“Perhaps they didn’t break up gracefully, but I am convinced it was the right thing for the player and the club. If a player is forced to stay, he could cause damage to his teammates and the club.”

How Cristiano Ronaldo sale affected Juventus finances

Brio, a former Juventus defender, played 385 games with the Bianconeri between 1978 and 1990.

Tacchinardi joined Juventus in 1994 and spent more than a decade in Turin, playing 404 games in a Bianconeri shirt.

“Ronaldo should have left in a different way, not on his private jet while Allegri was talking to the team before the game against Empoli,” the former midfielder said.

“I expected a press conference to say goodbye to the fans. They deserved something different.

“There are no more legends such as Del Piero, Totti, Maldini or Zanetti, but it wasn’t nice to hear from Ronaldo that he was going back to a place he feels like home.

“He put Juventus in a difficult situation, leaving a few days before the end of the transfer window, it is impossible to replace a goal machine like him.”

epa09425114 Juventus?s Cristiano Ronaldo looks on prior the Italian Serie A soccer match Udinese Calcio vs Juventus FC at the Friuli - Dacia Arena stadium in Udine, Italy, 22 August 2021. EPA-EFE/GABRIELE MENIS


  1. martinn

    he did from the beginning, the wages, the tantrums, the defending of his accusations as a fan was tiresome. he always thought he was better than us, good riddance and we are who we are good or bad. at least we can go tio America now without a player being arrested. he purposely messed up our mercato; pure spite fform the spiteful.

  2. Allegri's Son

    Small club don’t deserve CR7.

    CRY MORE and welcome to Serie B

  3. serie a lover

    i thought it was alot of deceitful behaviour on Ronaldo part. but juve will rise stronger because of it. at least the real juve fans dont got to listen to the cr7 fanboys on social media pages anymore. i am just glad that when juve manage to lift the c.league trophy again it wont be because of Ronaldo bringing us the trophy. but that the team worked hard for it.

  4. Ray

    How respectful were Juventus when they practically stole Pogba as a kid from Man UTD. Then, make around €87 profit on his sale to United. Now you’re waiting for January to get him on a free for nothing once again. How’s that for respect, ipokriti!

  5. Jo

    As a serie a fan, it’s a shame he left.
    As a Roma fan, good luck to Ronaldo.
    Shame the way he left, off course he should say good bye proffesionally.
    On the other hand, juve are happy to get rid if his hefty wage.

  6. Metch

    U Juventus fans that wrote this are bunch of ingrates

  7. Hassan Sharafa

    Blah blah blah. I think it’s the other way round – Juve disrespected Ronaldo esp with the comments from their so-called legends out of jealousy. Juve gave him a contract, which Ronaldo accepted. Why the jealousy?

  8. Laud

    Sour grapes !

    You guys said he was the problem while there.
    You should be happy he’s gone 😂

  9. Ahmad

    Blaming Ronaldo it is not her solution because the accusation is on the new directors who has no experiences about football. We mised Moggi and Morrata who know more about fooball

  10. PietRo

    Juve is putting out Mouthpieces to defend the club, when actually they’re covering up for the fact they’re broke and couldn’t afford to pay for Ronaldo anymore. Are we also forgetting about the super league?? I love this club but they are deceitful to the fans. Ronaldo put out a goodbye statement, so it’s not like he left silently – he is also returning to a club who helped him become one of the greatest of all time – of course it feels like home.

  11. joe del monte

    Stop already, stop writing about him. Good bye and good riddance.

  12. Karim

    The worst part was he had to take every free kick…what was that in his contract? I mean my 10 year old can take one better than him. If he didnt take every free kock and penalty he would cry hinself to sleep.

  13. FORZA Juve

    But we juventus should respect him and not keep polish in goalkeeper position, we should not insult cr7 with letting him play in one team with ramsey rabiot or such kids lime makkeney or kulusevski, juventus we not respected best player of all time, its terrible how we behaved with changing coaches for him every year, and finaly bringed back that one who not even knows english lenguage, ronaldo was tired to have conversations with coach like with cat or dog

  14. Bonucci the boss

    Clueless, FORZA Juve. Clueless.

  15. Allegri's Son

    This is just another piece of evidence that this club is just a joke in Europe. We got him, but he is too advanced, we don’t know how to use him.
    And Juve fans still think Dybala is better than him. Dybala doesn’t even make it to his national team. SMH.

  16. Juve Fan

    Who cares move on… As a Juve fan since the mid 1990s I can say that Juve with Ronaldo was the most one dimentional team we’ve had… Our only tactic was to whip in crosses in the box and hope that Ronaldo or Morata head the ball in… We were so over reliant on Ronaldo and the team played ONLY for Ronaldo and his ego. Of course Ronaldo will score majority of the goals because the whole team plays for him. I’m glad he left, because his wages were ridiculous and when the game didn’t go his way the team would suffer. Yes, we’ve started the season terribly this year, but that’s because we are still trying to whip in crosses in the box and hope for a header. We have technically gifted and creative players currently that we should be going direct for goal so far Chiesa is the only one who is doing that.

  17. House Party

    Ha! The Juve legends are right. There are no club legends playing now. In that sense, he’s obviously not fit to tie the laces of men like Zanetti, Baresi, Totti, Del Boy + Maldini. He might be going ‘home’ now it’s convenient? Just like it was convenient for him to leave them to become a Royal in Madrid! Man City would’ve probably deserved him too, if they could’ve guaranteed him luxury wages + a privileged spot in the starting 11 until he’s 40? It’s just the way the modern game is now. Money + ego. Ron won’t want it as a stain on his rep or to take the blame for Juve’s UCL failures. It’d be like an inflated balloon being stung by a Bee. So to keep afloat, he’s left with a sting from his own tail to bring the Bee down instead!

  18. Rcardo

    Juve will always blame the players and managers for it’s loss and not the management.first Pirlo and now Ronaldo .Juve real failure it’s corruption and management which you and I don’t know

  19. Deon

    I’m a out and out CR7 fan . Reading the news about not delivering the Champions League. Is not on this is is a team afford, why not ask Morotta , Bernadesque and other what transpired.Ronaldo give you the best of him the past 3 years now you have all this bull to say about him. I supported you win or loose , this just mean how much a player means to you . He broke allot af records playing at Juventus. For what can’t you celebrate the accomplishment he has brought to the club . Salute CR7

  20. Nass d nero

    Very sad… Don’t hate your Allianz for it

  21. Ronald

    Bafore you blame cr7 look at the empire you built around him to deliverthe CL trophy…..you the so called Juve Juve legends..U wanna compare those juve players to the likes of modric,kroos,casemiro,scholes,Giggs, benzema..he did what he could scored 101 goals..he deserves respect and both parties should be given a sense of appreciation…who to blame is the Juve board management..wish you success G.O.A.T

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