The preliminary hearing in the Prisma Investigation involving Juventus has been postponed to May 10, 2023, and Maurizio Bellacosa, one of the Old Lady’s lawyers, explains the next steps in the proceeding, starting from the territorial jurisdiction.



The preliminary hearing in the Prisma investigation involving Juventus and several former club directors took place on Monday, March 27, in Turin but was almost immediately postponed to May.

“We are still in a phase where the parts involved are being identified,” Bellacosa, one of the Old Lady’s lawyers told reporters on Monday.

“It will be completed in the next hearing on May 10, and, if there is time, the preliminary hearing will immediately begin, also deciding on the territorial jurisdiction.”

Juventus lawyers argue the case should be moved to Milan or Rome, while Turin Prosecutors believe it must continue in the Capital of Piedmont.

A final decision may be taken from the Court of Cassation, but Bellacosa insisted that “it’s a possibility” that Judge Marco Picco will discuss the matter on May 10.

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