Juventus launch appeal after 15-point deduction

Juventus have released a statement in response to the FIGC Court’s decision to hand them a 15-point deduction in the capital gains case.

FIGC prosecutor Giuseppe Chine asked the Federal Court of Appeals to hand the Bianconeri a nine-point deduction and various bans to current and former directors, including Andrea Agnelli, Fabio Paratici and Maurizio Arrivabene.

The Federal Court of Appeals decided on Friday evening to hand Juventus a 15-point deduction as well as a two-year bans for Agnelli and Arrivabene. Paratici was handed a two and a half year suspension and Pavel Nedved an eight-month ban. These sanctions are shared by UEFA and FIFA, putting Paratici’s position at Tottenham at serious risk.

The penalty leaves Juventus in 10th in the Serie A table with 22 points and without a sporting director, as Federico Cherubini has been banned for 16 months.

Juventus released a statement today, confirming that they’ve started the appeal process to CONI’s Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport.

Below is the Juventus statement in full:

“Juventus Football Club S.p.A. (“Juventus” or the “Company”) informs that the Federal Court of Appeal, Unified Sections, having regard to the appeal for revocation pursuant to Article 63 of the Sport Justice Code brought by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, declared the appeal for revocation admissible and thus revoked the decision of the Federal Court of Appeals, Unified Sections, No. 0089/CFA2021-2022 of 27 May 2022 and, as a result, ordered the penalty of 15 points in the standing for Juventus to be deducted in the current Sport Season and the temporary inhibition for the Sporting Director, Federico Cherubini, from carrying out activities in the FIGC context for 16 months, with a request for extension in the UEFA and FIFA contexts.

“Pursuant to the revoked decision, the Federal Court of Appeals had rejected the appeal (“reclamo”) brought by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office against the decision of the National Federal Court, which, in turn, had acquitted Juventus and the other parties charged for because of the lack of any disciplinary offence with regard to the evaluation of the effects of certain transfers of players’ rights on financial statements and the accounting of capital gains.

“The Company awaits the publication of the reasons of the decision and announces as of now the bringing of an appeal to the Sport Guarantee Board (Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport) in accordance with the terms of the Sport Justice Code.”

24 Comments on “Juventus launch appeal after 15-point deduction”

  1. It is their right to appeal but everyone knows who they are. They have never been a big club as real players do not have to cook the books.

  2. Yes, Kieran. Everyone knows who they are. They are Italy’s most popular and successful club and regarded as one of the biggest clubs in Europe for over 100 years. Envy is a curse my friend and not good for your health.

  3. Frankie calm down. You both have valid points but to say that they are one the biggest clubs in Europe is a step too far. Their record in Europe is terrible and have not won in nearly 30 years.

  4. Nah the appeal will bring it back down to 9 points plus this could be a huge motivation booster for the team to finish in the top 4. That would be a bigger slap in the face of the other teams than winning the Scudetto

  5. Stick to football and your community shield. I cannot blame Inter. Having gone with no league title since 1989 – 2006 any trophy has to be savoured.

  6. What about Napoli’s Osimhen’s transfer from Lille? completely fabricated value of 20 million placed on four players. What about Barca or the counterparty on any of the alleged transfers? How can one party be guilty (and accept higher values for certain players) but the other party is not guilty? Ridiculous. Politics will continue to be the demise of Serie A.

  7. How else will these teams win any championships? 😂😂😂 they did this to us last time and we came back and won 9 years in a row. This time we will win 10 years in a row 🙏🙏

  8. We win 9 times in the row but clearly didn’t learn the lessons. I think I can safely predict Inter will win the league this season to add more salt to the wound Lol

  9. Claiming others are also guilty does not make you innocent. I dearly hope this verdict is overturned as I cannot face 15 years of whining and trying to blame others.

  10. Fine to punish those responsible but not the players, fans and competition!

    FYI to all the haters….every top club in Italy is corrupt but are yet to be caught

  11. These comments are hilarious, all im hearing is corrupt club, if you take a minute to read what’s actually happend you will understand that this is to do with transfers, they haven’t cheated, they haven’t bought matches, know your football before you pipe ip uou idiots!

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