Juventus keen on Vecino but deal with Inter looks unlikely

Juventus have registered their interest in Inter midfielder Matias Vecino but a deal looks unlikely.

The 30-year-old Uruguayan midfielder, whose contract expires with the Nerazzurri in June next year, has only made one Serie A start under coach Simone Inzaghi this season, and he could be sold by the club in next month’s transfer window.

As reported by La Repubblica, Juventus looked to make an offer for Vecino but Inter were quick to refuse, not interested in selling the player to their historic rivals.

The 30-year-old Vecino, who joined Inter in August 2017 from Fiorentina, has made 15 appearances across all competitions so far this season, for a total of 388 minutes. In that time, he has scored one goal, in a 6-1 win over Bologna back in September.

Juventus are looking to strengthen their midfield in next month’s transfer window and believed that Vecino could be a decent option for a low price, but now they will have to look elsewhere.

16 Comments on “Juventus keen on Vecino but deal with Inter looks unlikely”


    Funniest news in 2022!!!

    This must be a NEW LOW for Piemonte Calcio! How can they be interested in Inter outcast? Inter is letting Vecino go for free…

    Surely just a joke, right?

    Buon Natale!

  2. Makes sense. He’d fit in very nice on the Juve bench with their other 5-6 average midfielders. I think Juve management reasons that two average players = one good one.

  3. This will not happen same as Juve did..they never let their player go to Inter..Juve and Inter have been in high tension since Calciopoli which stripped out Juve champion in serie A and sent them to Serie B.

  4. Nothing would surprise me. He has injury form and is not even a starter but I guess it is slim picking these days.

  5. We usually go after the rejects of other leagues. Now we’re going after the rejects in our own league.

    If this news is true, I’m going to have 2010 flashbacks for the rest of the season.

  6. I miss inter stealing again
    This has to be a joke, inter doing transfer sales that makes sense 🤣🤣 it’s Christmas not April fools day

  7. More made up garbage.

    Strange how people fall for blatantly fake stories, and react to them like they’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth.

    Just show how easily humans are led around by the nose by the media.

  8. I can hardly see how he fits into current Juve squad. All other midfielders are better than Vecino. This is fake news at its best. Juve needs upgrades in midfield, the likes of SMS, Pogba, not Vecino.

  9. @I MISS JUVENTUS IN SERIE B : the Joke in in Inter who paid 26 million – yet another Ausilio transfer that was a waste – if they added Zaniolo they could have gotten a 30 year old alcoholic – wait a sec, didn’t that actually happen ??

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