Juventus have reportedly joined Barcelona in following unhappy Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The 32-year-old Gabonese forward was stripped of his captaincy by coach Mikel Arteta yesterday due to disciplinary issues and he could depart in next month’s transfer window following this disgrace.

Spanish newspaper Sport reports that both Barcelona and Juventus are closely monitoring Aubameyang’s position in North London and are considering making a mid-season move for the former Borussia Dortmund man in the upcoming January transfer window.

Aubameyang’s current contract expires with Arsenal in 2023 but the Gunners may be open to selling him next month in order to close the chapter and avoid a situation similar to the one that saw Mesut Ozil ostracised from the squad for months before his eventual departure.

The 32-year-old Gabonese striker has only scored four goals in 14 Premier League appearances this season and has come under fire for looking disinterested and sluggish whilst on the pitch.

15 thought on “Juventus and Barcelona both closely monitoring Aubameyang”
  1. Guys chill, they just need an experienced striker on loan until the season ends. Icardi, Auba, Cavani… anyone. They will probably go for Vlahovic in the summer and send back Morata and whoever they get in January.

  2. Not sure the way to become the best in Europe is to take Arsenal’s cast offs on huge salaries. The guy went to Barcelona to get a tattoo for heaven’s sake,, during a period of congested fixtures! He’s on over a quarter of a millions pounds a week! It beggars belief…
    Is that someone Juventus want to be paying Ramsey wages for? No wonder Serie A is in the doldrums..

  3. If only he’d take a pay cut, Top top finisher, centre forward at club barcelona all the way and none of that wing rubbish

  4. Uncle Z,

    Have a look at the comments in the article about Vlahovic. Think you may like my suggestions.

    I want the Juve DoF gig 🙂

  5. Auba is actually a very good finisher on his day and if he can stay focused. However I have seen articles on his new mansion in North London and collection of cars. I am too concerned that if you team him up with McKennie, they will be having bunga bunga parties with Agnelli. Dybala and Arthur will promptly arrive next day for training injured. We need serious professionals first and foremost.

  6. People who say “just get Vlahovic” and forget about Icardi and Aubaumeyang probably dont understand how bad the Juve finances are! Juve do not have 80 million for him. Only a loan deal wojld work and Fiorentina can easily say go to hell.
    We bought cr7 for 100 million and sold him for 10mil! The club is bleeding money, wages especially. And being investigated for finances.
    Icardi or Auba, well they would both be better than the current strikers

  7. I’d prefer Cavani as a six month stop gap but Auba would do if he has his head right he’s a very good striker. Icardi & Wanda – no thanks.

  8. Our management clearly do not know what they are doing by just going around and looking at anyone particularly if they are about to be free or having troubles at their club. Do we really need Auba who has been stripped of the captaincy or Icardi and his baggage.

    In a ideal world I would love to Son Heung Min. He has been at Tottenham for too long and they are not winning anything even with Conte. There are 4 clubs in England way ahead in terms of finances and appeal.

    He is the perfect embodiment of Juventus. Works hard, never gets into trouble and his father is an absolute genius, training him everyday and keeping him well grounded.

    Unfortunately he costs too much. As for Vlahovic I said it many times, why waste money when Fiorentina want £80m. Out midfield is the weakest link and that money should be used to revamp it properly.

    Vlahovic will not get the service and he is not Ronaldo where he can bail you out. Only get him if we get rid of Morata and Dybala, then revamp.

    Also I agree with tony we should be investing in new doctors. It is true Dybala is always injured and it is not normal. Save time, money and a headache.

  9. @Uncle Z

    Son would be a fantastic acquisition, everything you want in a player! I can’t see it happening though.

    I think loan moves with option to buy in January is the way to go for the time being as it’ll act as a trial period to see if players are good fit for the club and league.

    With what I have been reading the last few days, the likes of Aubameyang, Icardi and Martial are therefore worth a punt as we are so wasteful upfront we need reinforcements of quality in this area.

    Saying that though, we also need to improve our midfield because if these strikers get no service, what is the point.

    A Defensive Midfielder works for me as it’ll give Locatelli more licence to create in the Mezzala role, which I think is his best position. Zakaria looks a good player, as does Frattesi of Sassuolo.

    Maybe we need a full back too, as our delivery into the box is terrible, but saying that, maybe we should stick with Pellegrini, I see lots of potential in him even though he needs to improve, he can beat a man and looks a threat when going forward.

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