Juventus investigated for €282m inflated transfers

by | Nov 27, 2021 16:28

The Italian authorities are investigating transfers involving Juventus that were worth €282m in suspicious capital gains over three years, with director Federico Cherubini giving evidence today.

The club’s offices were raided for paperwork on Thursday night, then repeated on Friday afternoon in both Turin and Milan.

According to Sky Sport Italia and news agency ANSA, the investigation covers transfers that were worth circa €282m in captain gains.

Juve risk more than the other clubs under the wider-ranging investigation, because they are floated on the stock exchange and therefore the transfer fees and revenue fall under the purview of the Guardia di Finanza – Italy’s financial police.

Juventus under investigation: what happens now and what the club risks

The reason given for the investigation by the Turin authorities referred to former Chief Football Officer Fabio Paratici – who is now at Juventus – being the ‘architect’ of the preventative plan to balance the books with inflated transfer fees.

It also stated that President Andrea Agnelli was well aware of Paratici’s behaviour.

Meanwhile, today current director general Cherubini was called in to give evidence in an interview with the Turin financial authorities.

The transfer fees are inflated to help both clubs in the deal to balance their books, making it seem as if there is more revenue and more expenses than in reality were involved.

It is extremely difficult to ascertain exactly how much a player is worth, as that is dictated by the market and the two clubs, especially when player exchanges are performed.

COVISOC (the Italian financial checks and balances authority) sources told news agency ANSA that it is ‘not just Juventus’ involved in the investigation, but ‘dozens’ of transfers going back to the autumn of 2020.

Arthur, Cancelo, Osimhen: the biggest Serie A transfers under investigation

Some of the evidence could be telephone wiretaps, which are remarkably common and easy to get under the Italian justice system.


  1. Milan Fan

    I hope for once any guilty party will be dealt with equally and fairly, be it Juventus, Milan, Inter or Empoli.

  2. 1MIKEJ

    its way worse for Rubentus since they are a publicly listed company, they have defrauded the public, taken massive bonds (loans) off the bases of their false club valuation, I for one hope there is serious consideration taken for this club to be relegated, stripped of assets (players) and returned to their respective clubs such as Fiorentina and Sassuolo and the current ownership forced to sell the club to someone legitimate. That would be equal and fair punishment imo.

  3. Joe

    This will be the end for serie A and Italian football.

  4. Urban Sombrero

    I would love to hear ‘I love Marco Branca’s’ opinion on this issue. Where are you Marco?????

  5. Vieri

    How do you talk about “taking a loss like adults” and at the same time blaming others for your own doing? nobody forced Juve to cheat. They should know better than to cook their books being listed in the stock exchange and all. How delusional are you to think that this was a grand conspiracy by jealous rivals?

    There’s nothing to envy from the current Juve anyway. You’re 8th on the table with 5 defeats this season already. Juve are already doing their best at shooting their own foot without others having to do anything. Keep going like this and you won’t even be in Europe next season.

  6. Cypher

    @Vieri be bold enough to quote me.

    Juve were never found guilty in Calciopoli, neither have they been found guilty of inflating transfer fees.

    Where did you get your information that Juve “cheated” from?

  7. Tin

    @ Cypher so why was Juve relegated 2006?

  8. Cypher

    @Tin I’m wondering same too. It was obviously a knee jerk reaction.

    Investigations were not concluded until 2013 where Juve sued the FIGC & won €443m (look it up yourself). Juventus were never found guilty till date.

  9. Vieri

    I was quoting you, do you really need @ when I commented exactly below you? regardless of how you feel about Calciopoli or other scandals, it’s delusional to say that everything was a grand conspiracy by jealous rivals to bring down Juve. There’s a legit reason why you are being investigated by financial authorities now. This is all Juve’s own doing and not because whoever decided to audit Juve’s finances are fans of other teams. Get your head out of your rear end. Nobody needs to do anything to bring down Juve, you guys are imploding yourself just fine. It’s your own fault for trying to cook the books while being publicly listed. Your board is so incompetent they can’t even do fraud properly smh..

  10. Cypher

    @Vieri, You did not comment “exactly below me”. There are at least 4 comments between us. You should get recommended glasses.

    If there are legit reasons, why haven’t Juve been found guilty of any till date? More like an Inter sponsored witch-hunt. Humans love controversy so it sells. Cheers.

  11. Vieri

    It was below you before your comment was deleted because apparently it was too stupid. The Italian Supreme Court has ruled that Moggi was guilty and upheld his lifetime ban in 2017, I have no idea where you got the idea that no one has ever been found guilty. Juventus as a club can only be punished by FIGC and they did by relegation and fines. CONI and the Italian Supreme Court have also rejected Juventus’ appeals in 2018 and 2019.

    It’s only a matter of time before they’d be found guilty on this accounting fraud as well. All Juventus’ own doing because they’re dumb enough to think they can evade the government audit. If you truly believe that Inter have control over the Italian government then you’re just insanely delusional.

    Like I said, you’re doing your best to destroy yourself. All of these controversies were created by Juve themselves and the justice system simply hammer the final nail on your coffin. Enjoy your 8th place and boring Allegriball (if you can even call them playing football).

  12. Cypher

    @Vieri, Lol. Like a typical Inter snake, you are in denial. My comment wasn’t deleted, its still up there. About 4 or 5 places above yours…

    Only a deluded Inter serpent will cook up things to make himself feel better.

    How many investigations have your FIGC conducted on Juve in the last 10 years?
    How many titles have Juve won in the last 10 years compared to Inter?

    Shame on you and shame on Morratti.
    Inter will always play second fiddle to Juve because Juve are not petty. We move on.

    Crying all the time is what kids do.

  13. Alex

    I am not fully aware of what is the issue, i am reading all around but most of football clubs does this is a fact.

    But juve is listed and their profits should be transparent since its people who are buying stocks of the club. so may be some kind of strict big punishment is needed like in case of any other corporates.

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