An investigation has been opened into Juventus’ suspicious relationships with agents, allegedly paying them for deals they weren’t involved in.

La Repubblica via details how the Secretariat of the Agents Commission have opened an investigation into the Old Lady following details that emerged from the Prisma investigation, nicknamed ‘Agentopoli’.

A series of invoices for deals have been uncovered, in which certain agents who had no role were paid anyway. The accusation suggests that these agents were inserted as intermediaries in deals they had no involvement in to pay back previously agreed debts.

Among the agents involved are some prominent names in the world of Italian football, including Davide Lippi, Gabriele Giuffrida, Giuseppe Galli, Vincenzo Morabito, Michele Fioravanti and Tullio Tinti.

The agents’ defence briefs must be sent in by today, after which the CAS (Sports Agents Commission) will decide whether to sanction the involved parties or not.

The Prisma investigation into Juventus is still ongoing but is moving forward slowly, with no ruling expected until 2025.

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