Paul Pogba will have a specialist consultation to decide on treatment for his knee injury, as the Juventus midfielder fears he could be forced to miss the 2022 World Cup with France.

The former Manchester United man was diagnosed with the lesion of the lateral meniscus in his right knee after a training session sprain in Los Angeles last week.

He was expected to have surgery in the United States, but has instead flown back to Italy on Wednesday.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport, it’s because there are two potential approaches to take to this injury and one could see him miss out on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The first port of call would be to remove a piece of the meniscus, which would keep Pogba out of action for 40-60 days.

However, this is generally considered more suited to younger players, as it can affect mobility of the knee.

The other option would be to suture the lesion, but that could require the player being side-lined for four to five months.

That might mean missing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which is played in November and December.

This is why Pogba will have consultations with the France medical staff as well as an orthopaedic specialist before making a decision.

Much will depend on the extent and positioning of the damage, as well as the idea this problem has been troubling Pogba for a couple of years, which is what caused so many muscular injuries at Manchester United.

19 thought on “Juventus fear Pogba could miss World Cup”
  1. Actually, juve need di maria more than pogba
    They don’t have patience in kulusevski which damage them selves now for seeing him shining in PL
    They need partner for energetic chiesa so can do more flexibility change of play

  2. Wishing him a speedy recovery, but the last thing Gobbi will be thinking of is whether he makes the World Cup or not.

  3. Juve’s obsession with the “Super League” should mean that they are shunned by all true supporters of Italian football.

    Pogba’s injury will just accelerate their decline.

    It is time for all of you to become Roma fans.

    Juve is the past.

    We are the future.

  4. Its horror story, he just came, so halpy everybody, how its possible in natural real life scenario? Its somethink fake again in juve happening and someone simply paying millions of money for broken invalid players. Someone werry corupt working inside club

  5. Midfielders to keep: Locatelli, Miretti, Fagiolli, Zacaria and Pogba.

    Midfielders to sell (a month left): Arthur, McKennie, Rabiot, Ramsey just left.

    I think theres is still room for two good midfielders.

    @Ale, I agree with you, Mousa Diabby is the french Chiesa. He is fast and plays in both sides of the pitch in a vertical way.

  6. Great news 😂 Pogba is the greatest flop
    I can’t wait to see how Juvi fans will get disappointed by Vlahovic performance as well, he will be a great flop as well 😂
    Forza Lord Max Allegri
    Forza Inter
    Forza Zhang

  7. @Recoba
    Pogba will recover and make u Inter fans cry even more.
    Velahovic will be the best goalscoring striker this season and the biggest flop of all time was Lukaku at Chelsea FYI that inter brought back.So I hope to see you in comments section after we crush your team in the first encounter this season.

    To those who are happy to see a talented player like Pogba go through so much difficulty and pain even though he wants to get back on track : You guys are pathetic.

  8. Recoba, get a life instead of commenting in juve articles while ur club is more broke thasn athopia xD

    SHinter joke of a club and u are a joke of a person 😀

  9. Michael. u got a washed up dybala and u are talking…

    And dont be salty cuz roima wasnt even ivited fpor super league. IKts just for clubs who won something instead of roma

  10. @ Brian the biggest flop was Lukaku according to who. The record shows he finished as their club top scorer in all competitions despite not being favoured by the coach. He was phenomenal at Inter and pushed his move back. Vlahovic would dream to be half the player Lukaku is at the moment. Correct me if I’m wrong but it was Vlahovic who flopped when he switched to Juve compared to when he was at Fiorentina where he was scoring for fun.

  11. McKennie would be the last they would part with. He’s the only midfielder (with Pogba out of action for what looks like several months, minimum) who can produce goals regularly. Plus he has the speed and stamina to impact matches on both the offensive and defensive ends.

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