Juventus fans turn on Allegri, call for return of Conte

Juventus fans – including heir to the Agnelli family Lapo Elkann – turned on coach Max Allegri after the draw with Bologna, as some called for the return of Antonio Conte.

The Bianconeri had been trailing to a Marko Arnautovic strike on home turf and were only able to scrape an equaliser in stoppages with Dusan Vlahovic after Bologna went down to nine men.

With Allegri insisting they look at the “glass half-full” following this point, fans turned on the coach, including some very big names.

Serie A | Juventus 1-1 Bologna: Vlahovic and VAR decisive as Bologna see red

Lapo Elkann, the cousin of Juve President Andrea Agnelli and one of the heirs to the family fortune, made a pun on the meaning of Allegri – the plural of happy – in a tweet.

“We’re not very happy… Allegri.”

Inevitably, the hashtag #AllegriOut began trending again for the coach who returned this season after a previous run of five consecutive Serie A titles.

Some fans joked that Allegri “is a magician, because he manages to make football disappear from the pitch whenever Juventus play.”

Others added the recruitment problems to those of management, noting “we need a coach who is also a very good midfielder.”

The change was seeing several Bianconeri supporters calling for the return of Conte, who had begun the record-breaking run of Juventus Scudetto success in 2011.

He left one day into pre-season training for the 2014-15 campaign, going on to represent Italy, Chelsea, Inter and now Tottenham Hotspur.

“Who do we need if not Antonio Conte, who created the team of the decade? Who got value out of players who were practically unknown? #AllegriOut forever,” wrote @Rigel977.

70 Comments on “Juventus fans turn on Allegri, call for return of Conte”

  1. Amazed that fans here want to get that moaning Jack back. He can’t win in Europe to save his life. Like Pep, he needs resources.

  2. Love the fan who said PhD Max is a magician who makes the ball disappear when playing. I told the relic fossil cheer leaders who think he is part of the holy trinity that nothing can be gained from reheated soup. Forget about Conte he burned that bridge with the Inter move. Juve should go for a small name like Chris Hughton, Graham Potter, Sergio Gonzalez or Stefan Leitl. Forget about Pep, Klopp, Tuchel and Zizou. They cannot fix a club whose DNA is to seek the post WW2 1-0 win. Juve cannot afford them either way. They chose you know who for 4 years and he is a genius for milking it even if he gets the boot.

  3. juve fans have got to be the most hypocrite imbecile fans ever.
    yall turned on him and wished death to Conte after all hes done for club as a player and coach.
    now you want him back ?! even if its an exaggerated notion, yall dont deserve to say the mans name.
    smh for shame.

  4. One fan mentions Conte and you make it a headline..

    We just need and want a coach who understands the game. Allegri is a fossile. Instead of playing with Miretti he chooses a winger and a defender to play in CM because Miretti is ‘too young’. Allegri does not trust the youth, does not give them chance and that is a huge problem. #AllegriOUT

  5. Juve need to get rid Agnelli ASAP! Lapo Elkann could be a good replacement. I think Conte would bring back the scudetto but he will always betray his employer at some point, so is it worth it?

  6. lol, rubentus fans never failed amazed me. when conte take over inter. they branded conte as betrayal, demanded removed from juventus hall of fame. now when the club is on pitiful state they demanded conte to be back.
    even conte cant save this juventus team, and if i were conte i were never go back to rubentus at any cost after their treament of him last time.

  7. I honestly do not understand how Juve appointesd Allegri, when ZIDANE WAS clearly available for the taking…whats is wrong with the directors…
    Get Zidane so that Allegri rest…

  8. As a Juve fan I have been always supprted Conte. He has strong character and knows how to handle importants players with big egos, but I don’t think we will never see him him again at Juve’s bench.

    Zidane will be ideal for Juve but I guess ee will see him at PSG’s bench next season. Gasperini could be a great option.

  9. Allegri should be compare with Giampiero Ventura not with a legend like Conte. Allegri is clearly making Juventus a mediocre team.
    Pirlo is better than Allegri thats for sure

  10. First of all, Conte showed that he’s no better than Allegri. Second, Juve are playing this season without CR7 without a replacement for him (Kean will never even score 20% of CR7s 30+ goals last season), best player Chiesa is out, Vlahovic still needs time to adapt. Third, they need to clean up the financial mess Paratici left, and only then have freedom to get a 100M player this summer.
    So I’m not surprised about the results. If Juve wins the Italian Cup, that would be great.
    Fans will always be unsatisfied, no matter how much you win.

  11. Conte is not what Juventus needs. Too rigid in his approach, a pain in the ar$e and can’t do diddly squat in the Champions League. Zidane would be the best choice – he has won trophies including 3 UCLs, can teach players, particularly midfielders, how to play the game, and will play players on form and merit (including youth if good enough). He would also have the uttermost respect of the changeroom.

  12. Zidane is going to French national squad. Conte burned bridge and unfortunately ALLEGRI is staying. I’m shocked how bad he’s doing. I respect him and his record. I just hate his style.

  13. At least sarri deserved one more chance he bring novelty in his stint at juventus, bring Marcelo biesla what a exciting approach he has, pochetino more likely heading the exit door Zidane is available no conte no more Italian approach any more.

  14. Why go for Capello… Bring Lippi back to Turin!
    Better than having this fossilised dino at the helm…

  15. @ bak

    Exactly. One tweet is enough to creat a headline and an article.

    Even enough to bait the unbearable inter fans.

  16. Firstly, this is fake news as FI likes to stir up against against Juve because they’re Inter fans and more interested in EPL.
    But even if we go with the hypothesis, Conte did great things and it’s to be respected. He even showed Inter that you can only win with a Juventus mentality so they should be grateful too.
    Juve ‘fans’ here have short memories…remember Ranieri, Del Neri and Zaccheroni?? We kept replacing coaches and the squad just wasn’t there. This year, there’s no CR7 to mask Juve problems. He’s a player who guarantees 30+ goals a season and instead we have Morata and Dybala who can’t even scrape half of that between them. With an extra 30 goals, Juve would be top this year even with their difficulties.
    The problem is the non-existent midfield… Something that was highlighted after the last CL final when Pirlo left. We went from Pirlo, Vidal and Pogba to Bentancur, Rabiot and Ramsey. Those 3 shouldn’t make it into the starting line up of any top flight team. This wasn’t caused by Max. This is Paratici’s problem that others are cleaning up. Agnelli also shares the responsibility because when Allegri wanted to start a new cycle, he fired him and brought in Sarri… The most pointless move ever since we didn’t have Mertens, Insigne and Hamsik for his style of play. Lots to rebuild, especially in midfield. And a need for a support striker for Vlahovic. Chiesa coming back will also make a big difference.

  17. @Lord Seriously, you make the same joke about PhD Max post after post, and I’ve never seen a person comment on how witty that is. Please grow up. If it’s self-entertainment/gratification that you’re after, there are other sites on the net which you can access privately from your bedroom.

  18. @Fate, you know you love the PhD Dinosaur thing and unlike a lot of so called fans, I have always been consistent with the scholar of put you to sleep anti football since his Milan days. I see many people now slowly but surely coming around to this thinking. If the patron saint is that good, why was he unemployed for 2 years? Give me a break with the links to Real Madrid and the EPL. If he had the offers he would have taken it, but it was fake news or he bottled it. I never dumped on Pirlo as it was the right move if you gave him time. Look at Xavi he is being given time. Even Klopp was given the same space and it took time before he could win. With PhD Max time is not healing anything as his style of play is clear to see and will never change even if you give him players. Forget about the midfield, Juve have been saying this for years and nothing happens. You had a chance in Jan but spent big on Vlahovic. The poor guy is not the same and man marked out of every game. Cafu Danilo is renewed and Morata will follow suit. Do not be shocked if Zinedine Rabiot stays put. The defence is old and you let go of two very good prospects. With Inter getting better as well as Milan, you are not returning to the era of previous PhD Max. Also watch more football, even abroad as the game has changed. Who plays Rabiot as a winger? Max that is who and done it a couple of times this season.

  19. NO Conte … NO Anybody … We have faith in Mister Allegri 🙂

    Those super depressed Juve fans, who happen to be extremely jealous of every other European team because they couldn’t win the UCL for so long now, and who also happen to be so ignorant to keep criticizing the Mister and ignoring his achievements, and ignoring the pure fact the the TEAM is the big problem and that HE is evidently and progressively working to solve it.

    Wake up guys. Leave your UCL obsession aside, and think rationally for once in your life…


  20. Inter getting better. Now THAT is finally something funny you’ve said. They’re barely ahead of a disastrous Juve despite being a team that’s played together for a few years and are the current champions. Inzaghi is hardly a mastermind. He threw such a huge points advantage away that for a moment, I thought they were being led by Sarri. Juve will win next year, I’m betting on that now. Guaranteed. Not because they’ll be great but because the other teams are just too inconsistent. Their mentality is ‘stop Juve’ which means they play the game of their lives against us and then draw against minnows. Provincial mentality. As a Juventino, I’m hoping for a growth in Milan since they have a winning DNA and can help raise the challenge. If the domestic league is poor, everything else suffers. Just look at PSG in their one team league.

  21. juventus the worst club with piss poor angelli .. he knows nothing about football .. He continues to get it wrong. Why he needs a super league and can’t even win a champions league final ….. Juventus hierarchy need abolishing #angelliout

  22. @lifith can’t be that bad when they just won the league 9 times in a row. If they’re the worst, what does that make the teams that got nowhere near a final within that time and lost to a team with even Sarri at the helm?

  23. Allegri should leave but I am not sure if Conte is the best replacement, he always complains and he is not good in Europe.
    It is very difficult to find a coach, maybe Marcello Lippi should become young again.
    In Italy I like Roberto Zerbi, but also the problem he doesn’t have the European experience and Juventus must win the champions league soon! It’s not am easy situation!

  24. @Dx Juve had Ancelotti and didn’t win the CL so what would it change? He was the guy who gave Henry to Arsenal because he didn’t fit 4-4-2. If the squad isn’t improved, you can put who you want in charge.

  25. Juventus will never win the champions league wit Allegri even if the are playing a 3th final wth him
    Juventus should do with anothet coach who is willing to give youth a chance like Pirlo does.
    If max get 4th place he should get fired because is the as rooki coach Pirlo with zero expierence

  26. Was Pirlo worse? Played better football under him so there are options out there. Also, many coach run a cycle and after a couple of years, team needs a fresh voice and new identity.

  27. @Fate. Well said. Both in terms of Juve and Parataci et al but esp about that trolling clown who knows nothing about football @Lord

  28. “Allegri took Juve to two Champions League finals”

    That is in the past. We’re talking about now. Anyway, let’s not forget that he had a very strong squad during his first stint. Success in Serie A was the bare minimum. Also, Juve were awful in those two finals.

    “Allegri has had to contend with many injuries”

    True. But even when his squad was at full strength, the performances were awful.

    “Allegri has an average squad”

    Again true, but it’s still much stronger than most Serie A clubs.

    Allegri, in the here and now, is terrible. Terrible brand of football, negative and with no clear gameplan. He is terrible at improving players. Almost everyone goes backwards under him. He is ageist when it comes to young players and gutless. His body language on the sidelines is laced with anxiety, a bag of nerves, ALWAYS the same expression as if he desperately needs a number two.

    NO to Conte. He is like a high maintenance girlfriend who is impossible to please.

    How about more sensible names, coaches like Juric, Italiano or De Zerbi, if he becomes available? Coaches who tick many boxes – high tempo, looking to take the initiative, pleasing style, get the most out of their players, will play young talents….

  29. Until this team has a real midfield, there cannot be complaints about Allegri. The club’s leadership should be blamed for this pitiful midfield. It’s a miracle Juve is in 4th right now. Until they field a midfield that can be compared to Inter and Milan, I cannot judge Allegri. Not to mention that he’s doing this without Chiesa.

  30. @Lord Mandzukic played completely out of position under Allegri and was phenomenal. When a player has desire and skill, he can pretty much player anywhere if he wants to play. When PSG offload Rabiot for nothing, you know there’s a problem because they’re not a selling club. Rabiot played his best game against Inter which means when he wants to be, he can be motivated. Juve need leaders and in the current team, they only exist in defence. Overhaul needed in midfield. Too many emotionally fragile players.

  31. my question to juve fans is what do you expect. ronaldo left a week before the transfer window. dybala is out of form. there is only 2 midfeilders available. they thought this team was going to win the scudetto. what we need to do is secure the top 4. and have a great market. the midfield needs 2 new purchases. i think they need to buy 2 new wingers.

  32. God knows who wrote this, but I don’t believe that most Juve fans would like to see Conte back. Our predominant focus is on securing the third CL and not the 150th Scudetto.

  33. It’s funny how juventinos were asking for the “return” of Allegri who woll make juve great again, now It’s retun of Conte who will get the juve back on track! Next it will be Lippi who will brong the salvation to Turino!

  34. @Interista We could say the same about inter with Lukaku and hoping to grab Dybala. You needed a Juventino to win something (remember the huge fan protests against Conte and Marotta???). So you really have nothing to add to the conversation. Inter will always be a third best team in Italy.

  35. @Fatecisognare Enjoying our march for the second consecutive scudetto! No Lukako, no Dybala, no Conte no problem!

  36. @Bruno. Hilarious – the bit about Allegri on sidelines – his hissy fits are pathetic and his mentality is anything but winning.But agree with everything you said. My first choice for coach would be Zidane but not bad shout at all for the other candidates.

  37. @NOrata, I keep hearing the typical Juventus fan clinging onto relics of the PhD Max past, telling us about the 5 Scudetti and 2 CL lost finals and more. That was back then and this is now. Mandzukic is old school and respected the shirt. Rabiot like a lot of others are lazy, arrogant and too busy with Tik Tok. PhD Max is supposed to motivate and work to their strengths if any but all he has is the standard “Calma” which means retreat and slow it down.

    @Fate you are not winning nothing next year but nice try. I heard this last season and there was joy in the air when the dinosaur returned to roam at 1mph. I remained consistent and told the supporters this was a guy unemployed for 2 years and that tells you everything you need to know. FYI Milan are the third best team in Italy as 1 star proves it and choking is in their nature. However 7 CL’s gives them the edge in terms of European prestige. Juve lost 7 CL finals including the old format. That is the worst stat in Europe.

  38. Calma in the context of the game actually meant don’t get sucked in by these angry guys. It was a good shout because 11 v 9 is favourable and a silly red card could have changed it. Clearly, your inter scarf got in the way of you watching what was actually happening.
    And no, inter are the third best team because of Milan‘s Euro prestige and Juve’s title haul. I agree with Fate, next year Juve will win for sure. Happy to bet you your house on it, but I suspect you only have a PS5.

  39. @Lord You have to be in it to lose it. Yes, it’s not a great stat but while you Inter fans gloated those loses, what did you actually win? You had players like Ronaldo and Vieri and still couldn’t win anything useful. Then with all your competition decimated (through your illegal actions, I’ll add), you won something. Mourinho just played super defensively and quick counterattack and you’re here complaining about non-attack minded coaches. The hypocrisy is huge. So enjoy the last season of possibly winning something because with the financial problems you guys have, it’ll be your last for a long while.

  40. NOrata I will be more than happy to have the same conversation with you next year when you Fate and the @many unwise guys have to eat humble pie in your studio apartment. You should read what @Lerico wrote and it is true the 1mph fossil is still using the Commodore 64. No wonder nobody makes runs, always want the ball to feet and little surprise that even minnows know they can take the piss out of the fallen giants of Turin. It also shows your pettiness regarding who is the biggest. FYI Inter have 3 CL’s but keep thinking I support them lol. Juve have a 7/9 record and that is in itself olympic and world record breaking and will never be broken. Watch different leagues and it will shine a light on how football is played in the modern era.

  41. Juve Fans are very stupid, they want to from one stupid useless coach to another very useless coach do now know how to win in Europe.

  42. @Fate I watched Newcastle vs Leicester today and even the magpies put in more effort and got rewarded in the end. That is why it is important to see how even mid tables teams across Europe fight, put effort and do the opposite of slow ball.

  43. It is not about the coach, but about the players. It is impossible that after three coaches (Sarri, Pirlo and Allegri), Agnelli can’t recognize that there have been a bad team construction.

    Bring players like Jorginho, Romagnolli, Luis Alberto, Heung Min Son that give experience to the team; and other younger players like Zaniolo, Raspadori, Pau Torres, Wirtz, Moussa Diaby and Pessina that can give more dynamic to the team.

  44. @chris sorry but Romagnoli and Jorginho is not future. When everyone is fit Juve have a strong team for serie a. Zaniolo and Savic could be excellent and then play Meretti as a midfield sub. He has real quality but needs trust/playing time from the coach. Rudiger will make excellent cb-team with de light.

  45. I want Conte back
    He was the reason for Juve’s success . Allegri just hopped on the already successful train.

  46. Fate no problem you are getting plenty of sleep watching the football from the Harvard professor of slow ball.😴

  47. Fate you love it and you know it son that is why you keep coming back for more. Even Lapo Elkann is coming round to what I have seen with PhD Max for decades, and can finally see the zombie ball for its glory against 9 men titans Bologna.

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