Aaron Ramsey’s criticism of Juventus medical staff prompted an angry response from fans, including some calling the Wales international an ungrateful ‘mummy.’

The midfielder commented during a press conference while on international duty today that the medical staff for Wales knew how to get the best out of him, avoid injuries and help him to play several games in a row without relapses.

Ramsey blames Juventus staff for injuries

Considering how little the former Arsenal man has played in the Bianconeri jersey due to muscular injuries, the response from Juve fans was furious and extremely sarcastic.

Some posted mock-ups of the new Aaron Ramsey Wing of the J-Medical Centre in Turin, as he was in there so often that he needed his own department.

In a similar vein, another Twitter user explained having to deal with Ramsey’s medical bills would bankrupt Wales.

Another pointed out he will be remembered as ‘one of the biggest flops in the history of Juve’ and nothing more, noting they will ‘break out the champagne’ when this ‘ingrate’ finally moves on.

The most remarkable description was from a Twitter user who went old-school Egyptian.

‘Ramsey, you are a mummy, it’s pointless you trying to blame Juve if you break down every half-hour.’

10 thought on “Juventus fans rage against ‘mummy’ Ramsey”
  1. Ungrateful idiot. Can’t decide what position he is, and now it’s Juve’s fault. THREE coaches have tried to get the best out of him. THREE….. Let’s face it, just another Premier League overrated player who can’t cut it in serie A….

  2. They should force him out, or force him out on loan. Get money some off of the lazy git, paying him fortune for nothing.

    What is with Welsh players, they get a contract and then become glass and are more injured then not, just loft until their contract expires.

    British players are all mostly overrated, their media hypes them to no end.

  3. If only Juventus had the same Medical staff as in the 90’s then I’m sure Ramsey would have received proper ‘treatment’ so he could play 90 minutes every game at 120% capacity.

  4. Please guys, give him a break. He’s just looking for Juve to give him permission to play in a wheelchair.

  5. Juventus are reported to be paying this guy £400,000 a week and he comes out to the media with these ridiculous statements . At least there is nothing wrong with his neck anyway.
    His contract has to go down as one of the worst deals in football history

  6. Why is this guy still play for juve oh sorry chilling at juve?? He is useless. We bought him from Arsenal, that should have been tge first clue of how terrible he is just like our keeper (who i called our keeper because i can’t write his damn name)

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