Juventus fans have turned on Angel Di Maria after he was ruled out of the Cremonese game by injury, joking the Argentina international is the ‘new Aaron Ramsey.’

The former Paris Saint-Germain star returned late along with Leandro Paredes from the post-World Cup celebrations in South America and is not fit enough to feature in the first Serie A match of 2023 tomorrow after a knock to his ankle.

It means Di Maria has played only 394 minutes of football in the Juventus jersey out of a potential 1,890 minutes.

Fans reacted furiously on social media, but largely with open mockery of a player they believe has never really been committed to the Bianconeri cause.

“This guy celebrated until January 1 and was fine, now after half a training session he has a knock?”

Another pointed out the irony of Juventus signing Di Maria to replace Paulo Dybala because La Joya was often injured.

Some fans suggested he was “made out of papier-mâché” and ought to have his contract terminated immediately.

The cruellest of the social media comparisons referenced another former Juventus player who spent more time in the treatment room than on the field.

“Di Maria should win the Golden Ramsey Award for 2022/23.”

2 thought on “Juventus fans mock ‘new Ramsey’ Di Maria after injury”
  1. Look at the other guy, Enzo Fernandez, dissing Benfica the way he is. He’s grown too big for his britches.

    You want a player that will go through a wall for this club — Fagioli.

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