Juventus capital gains case | latest news: Arrivabene questioned in Turin

by | Nov 30, 2021 09:22

The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office continued the investigation into Juventus’ capital gains by interrogating director Maurizio Arrivabene for over four hours yesterday. Three more hearings expected before suspects Andrea Agnelli, Fabio Paratici and Pavel Nedved.

The newly appointed managing director was called into a hearing as a person informed of the facts and not directly involved in the investigation into Juventus’ business on the transfer market in recent years.

The Bianconeri are under investigation for false accounting and CODACONS President Marco Donzelli claims the club risks being ‘relegated to Serie B and have their latest Scudetto revoked’, if found guilty.

‘Juventus could be relegated and have Scudetto revoked’, say CODACONS

Director Federico Cherubini was interrogated for nine hours, before Arrivabene was called in and spent over four hours at the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday.

It will be an intense week for the Prosecutors, who prepare to complete a new process of hearings that will involve at least three other Juventus managers, before moving on to the suspects in the case.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports secretary Paolo Morganti could be the next, before the head of the U23 team Giovanni Manna will be questioned about the many suspicious capital gains in the financial statements.

Juventus director Cherubini interrogated for nine hours

Finally, lawyer Cesare Gabasio will be questioned. He has been responsible for Juventus’ legal affairs since 2021. These are all people informed of the facts and not directly involved in the investigation.

The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office wants to close the case and sent it to the Sports Prosecutor’s Office withing 15 days and the newspaper believes the hearings of patron Agnelli, former sporting director Paratici and Vice-President Nedved will be requested very soon.


  1. Interello

    Not commented in ages but the talk about relegation and titles revoked is ridiculous. I know that finances affect what happens on the pitch but in the end of the day it’s 11 vs 11 out there. If Juve are guilty of financial misconduct or crime the penalty must be financial, criminal (if needs be) but not sporting. If Juve are relegated again, the harm to Serie A would take decades to heal.

  2. dangerboy

    I am more concerned that in a case where we did go down to Serie b, could we actually win back promotion, as my saviour Don Allegri would struggle to impose the sleep football even in the second tier.

  3. Johndee

    Interello how do you think they get the starting 11 on the field!? lol

    From FINANCES! duhhhhh

  4. Ravanelli

    “relegated to Serie B and have their latest Scudetto revoked’, if found guilty.”

    Well being found guilty did not matter back in 2006.

  5. Robertobaggio

    @ Interello: It absolutely does make sense. Juve gained competitive advantage by doing such deals, while other clubs like Inter, Milan, and Roma’s hands were tied with FFP.
    The title revoke and demotion to Serie B is a bare minimum. The Angelli family should be forced to sell the club as they continue their long tradition in cheating.

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