Juventus cut out Arsenal and Tottenham for Vlahovic

by | Jan 21, 2022 00:11

Multiple reports in Italy suggest Juventus are offering Dejan Kulusevski plus €35m cash to Fiorentina for Dusan Vlahovic in the January transfer window.

The Serbian striker is also targeted by Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, but his agents have made it clear the first choice is and remains Juve.

According to Sky Sport Italia, the Gazzetta dello Sport and Tuttosport, the Bianconeri have decided to make their move in the January window rather than wait until the summer.

Fiorentina are asking for €70m, so the offer is €35m cash plus Kulusevski, who is valued at €35m on the market.

Vlahovic is the current Serie A top scorer with 17 goals this season alone and his contract with the Viola is set to expire in 2023.

The Tuscans said they were prepared to listen to offers in January, although they would much prefer to sell their star man abroad rather than reinforce arch-rivals Juventus yet again.

They were already forced into a corner with Federico Chiesa and could be in a similar situation with Vlahovic.

Chiesa also turned down multiple bids from the likes of Arsenal because he had his heart set on the Turin giants.

epa09594856 Fiorentina's Dusan Vlahovic celebrates after scoring the 4-2 goal during the Italian Serie A soccer match ACF Fiorentina vs AC Milan at Artemio Franchi Stadium in Florence, Italy, 20 November 2021. EPA-EFE/CLAUDIO GIOVANNINI



    In January when some teams want a Striker they give John Carew a call, or sign a 35 year old Rocchi……..some sporting directors Sign Boriello, Osvaldo and Anelka……..Cherubini and Arrivabene go all out for Vlahovic – just the # 9 Juve needs! I hope that means Morata leaves to Barca and if Ramsey Leaves with anyone replacing him Juve can fight for the semifinals in Champions League !!

  2. Interello

    That is a bargain, if they succeed then Fiorentina‘s patron is actually Juve’s after the steal of a deal he gave for Chiesa too. Would

  3. bianconerijack

    According to many reports, Vlahovic has no interest in leaving Italy and only want to join Juventus. This deal would make a lot of sense for all parties: Juventus would get the apex #9 we desperately need and Fiorentina would get 35m plus a quality young player who although talented, just isn’t right for what Juventus need right now but still has time to develop in a better environment at this stage of his career. Fiorentina fans may not see it this way, which is understandable, but they don’t operate at the same level as the three historical big three in Italy. If the Bianconeri manage to pull this deal off this month that would be a major coup for our new CEO & sporting director and he could be the difference between UCL qualification or not. Our squad needs a huge overhaul but signing Vlahovic would be a major statement of intent for the now and the future.

  4. Viola Fan

    Fiorentina has 5 wingers. The two best are left footed. We dont need kulu.

    Why viola should accept such a deal?

    Plus Commisso knows that it will hurt his image a lot if he sells him to juve.

    The only way Vlahovic goes to juve is at the last day of summer market or at the end of his contract after a year of grandstand.

    Forza Viola

  5. Andy

    35 million for the dud that is Bernardeschi? Lol

  6. GIO

    [email protected]

    What options do they have if the player refuse every other destination?

  7. GIO

    [email protected]

    Before they signed ikone I would Have agreed. Now I can’t see where kulusevski would fit in at Fiorentina.

    But if vlahovic have his heart set at Juventus this would make sense for Fiorentina too, rather than see him leave for free in 18 months if he rejects all other destinations except turin

  8. Debu

    @GIO, I agree with you, not to mention Kulusevski might reject to play for Fiorentina and prefers to fight for a place in the Juve squad.

  9. Bobo

    Since no one even knew Vlahovic’s name before last season and he’s not costing them much now, they should give him the option of moving abroad if the transfer fee meets Fiorentina‘s request, or, he can sit in the stands next year, lose a year of his career and then join Juventus in 2023. Commisso is a BILLIONAIRE- a real one. He needs to do this for the principle of it and to show Fiorentina is not a feeder club for Juventus any longer. He should move abroad or rot. Piatek will score plenty of goals in this team and Vlahovic will be quickly forgotten.

  10. Fiorentincheg

    @Bobo I am with you on this one. Rocco is very well aware of what fans think about juve transfer so he will do everything possible to sell him abroad

  11. Abdikarim iman

    Forza juuuuuuuuuuve

  12. Frankie

    Finally some good news and business from Juve!!

  13. Tom

    Wow good news you are welcome to Juventus

  14. FORZA Juve

    Thats would be fantastic deal forneveryone, even fiorentina…. Because kulusevski is really good player just not liked by Max… Fiora will soon get 60 millions for him from english clubs. Just give Vlahovic to Juve right now and we will not feel Chiesa absence and from next season when he is back we will be real force again. I not understand that fierce rivalry in italy when they prefer to sell players abroad rather that leave them for serie a. This logic is very bad for all Serie A!!!

  15. Milan Sam

    If he were to join Juve then it would certainly be bucking the trend as many at this stage of their career would have left the league all together for the riches of the EPL. Would be a positive sign for Serie A as well as Juventus if he were to stay in Italy!

  16. Recoba

    Vlahovic is a flop, remember that guys!!!

  17. Bukruqul

    @Recoba A 21 year old who’s scored 44 in 98 for a club like Fiorentina and 7 in 14 for Serbia. A real flop is Gabigol (GabiLOL) and others that Inter have thrown tons of money at over the decades with nothing to show for it until a JUVENTINO (Conte) put them right. Recoba – 10 seasons at Inter and only one league title won on the pitch…LOL. That’s a flop.

  18. Jon

    Remember when piateck was the hottest thing on the planet and Milan snapped him up for 35m

    Vhalovic could be piateck 2.0. Big fish in a small pool no more when at juve

  19. Frankie

    If Vlahovic truly has his heart set on joining Juventus, then there is little that Fiorentina can do. Best to get the best possible deal out of that situation and move on – no one wins out of having a player sit in the stands for a season. Kulusevski is not just a left footed winger, he can also play alongside or behind a striker. He has plenty of upside and Allegri just won’t get the best out of this kid so it would be win-win for both clubs. I suspect though, that to get the deal done, Juve will need to stump up at least another $5 mill.

  20. FERBAN

    Would be a great signing for Juve, but it’ll be hard to keep him in Serie A.

    Kulusevski might do very well at a club where he plays every week.

  21. Interello

    It’s not that we don’t want Susan to stay in Serie A, but Juve lowballing Fiorentina and his agents stonewalling the club in Juve’s favour are a problem.

    They did the same with Chiesa, now PAY UP Juve!!!

  22. SempreInter

    Vlahovic to Juve, Scamacca to Inter. Who will be better in the future?

  23. Rasheed Saka

    Since Fiorentina have already accepted Arsenal’s offer to sign Dusan Vlahovic I don’t think that is right for Fiorentina to entertain any offer again. The page for offer is closed. It is too late to cry when the head is cut. Supposing Arsenal’s offer have not been accepted,it is another story. If actually they do the right thing and they’re not planning to sell him to their rivals.

  24. GIO

    Rasheed [email protected]

    It doesn’t matter if Fiorentina have accepted arsenals offer if the player refuse to sign for arsenal.

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