Alessandro Del Piero received a standing ovation from Juventus fans in only his second return to the Allianz Juventus Stadium since that tearful goodbye in 2012.

The Bianconeri legend was in the stands for this evening’s Serie A match against Hellas Verona, because his Los Angeles Academy team is in Turin and he is accompanying the young future starlets.

This is also the same reason for his previous return to this arena, which was in April 2022.

At the time, Del Piero was presented to the Juventus fans at half-time, holding up his Number 10 jersey.

On this occasion, he tried to stay hidden until kick-off, but it didn’t work very well, as the crowd erupted in cheers every time he appeared on the big screens.

When they broke out into a chant of ‘there is only one captain,’ Del Piero stood up and thanked the fans with his hands together.

This just got all the supporters on their feet, giving him a standing ovation.

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