Juventus criticised for choosing Di Maria over Kulusevski

by | May 25, 2022 13:04

Juventus are in advanced talks to sign Angel Di Maria, but the Bianconeri have been criticised for choosing the Argentinean star over Dejan Kulusevski.

The Sweden international joined Tottenham on loan with an obligation to buy in the January transfer window. He moved to North London with his teammate Rodrigo Bentancur, allowing Juventus to get the money to sign Dusan Vlahovic for Fiorentina.

Kulusevski was not a regular starter in Turin under Max Allegri but has played a vital role in helping Antonio Conte’s Tottenham snatch a top-four finish with five goals and eight assists in 18 Premier League appearances, quickly becoming an idol for Tottenham fans.

Juventus are now chasing a new winger and have made Angel Di Maria and Ivan Perisic their priority targets, with Federico Bernardeschi, Paulo Dybala and (probably) Alvaro Morata leaving the club in June.

La Gazzetta dello Sport’s editor-in-chief Stefano Agresti criticised Juventus’ choice calling Kulusevski ‘Allegri’s biggest defeat.’ The Tuscan tactician was unable to get the best out of the former Atalanta and Parma starlet and even failed to identify a proper role for the 22-year-old who thrived under Conte in North London.

Tottenham have an obligation to make his move permanent for €35m at the end of 2022-23 and paid €10m for the player’s 18-month loan. Juventus, on the other hand, are considering the signing of 34-year-old Di Maria on a free transfer from PSG. The Bianconeri and the player’s entourage are still in talks over a one-year deal with an option to extend his contract for a further campaign.


  1. Bianconero

    Juve did need vlahovic but it’s been an utter failure not getting the best out of kulusevski.

  2. Rosario

    If he is intelligent and has good advisors, who is it to say he would’ve wanted to go back? At Spurs, he had everything that he didn’t at Juventus. Play time, confidence of the coach, and results.

  3. Del Piero

    Forward thinking again from the Juventus board and management. Let’s sign a 35 year old has been to get us to winning ways agin in Serie A. And oh at least another final of CL to get dominated and beat yet again, but some see that as a victory lol.


    The clowns running Serie A clubs usually get more wrong than right in the transfer market, and when that’s the case, there’s only one way you’re heading – downward.

    Allegri probably prefers an ancient Di Maria anyway.

  5. Mahsoud

    He shouldn’t go back. Chiesa, Locatelli, Vlahovic and De Ligt should follow his step, save themselves from allegri before too late. This juventus under allegri is a cancer for young players. No young Italians should sign for this club anymore if allegri is still around.

  6. Dx

    Allegri prefer asamoah if he is available than kulusevski, allegri never trust youngsterb

  7. Silver Lining

    Great that he performs for Spurs, he really didn’t do that for us, don’t know how anyone can say that it was a mistake letting him go for Vlahovic

  8. JohnG

    34 year old for a 22 year old. Sound business model. If you needed 10 million to sign Vlahovic that bad, they should have fired Allegri for negligence. This management team never ceases to amaze me with their stupidity.

  9. Jay

    You’ve all missed the point. It isn’t just about Kuluchevski. Conte has brought a spirit into the Spurs Team which has been lacking for a long time. Every single one of these players, both that were already here AND Kuluchevski with Bentacur have bought into this new fighting spirit.
    Most top professionals if they work hard for the team and are prepared to put in the hard graft during training are capable of .
    What I’m saying is this has everything to do with CONTE and the team believing in him..


    How dare you. These are the same PhD Max fans who couldn’t stop praising him after the the ancient one’s gladiatorial return. Now they have to repent for their sins of once thinking the Feng Shui back, back, down, down was the holy divine. Truth is it was out of date decades ago. Have no fear Gianluca De Marzio is reporting that Demiral will be on his bike and Montero will be returning to replace Giorgio. Amazing times await for both Dybala and another 4th spot finish for the 2 time CL runner up gold star dinosaur. 3rd spot if he is lucky, but one thing for sure is the return of the slow ball, revenge of the 1mph calcio. Roberto Carlos and Cafu on either flank will come back bigger, better, slower and more clumsy than ever before.

  11. AncientMax

    Pf, yeah, of course. PDH ancient dinosaur max prefers dinosaurs rather than giving confidence to young blood.. Vlahovic? Give it time, already slowing down… perhaps will shrink and end up replacing Chiellini in the back… just because he is tall.
    Same as: Yeah, let Dybala go and bring PogbaSaur or DimariaTops. If you wanted to save money so bad, why not getting ancient retiring players from MLS ffs

  12. Ros

    It just didn’t work out to get the best out of Kulu under Pirlo, Sarri, and Max. What’s the point of continuing a marriage when it doesn’t work out. Good luck, Dejan! Hope you have found the team that suits you

  13. FC

    I am not an Allegri fan in the least but Kulusevski wasn’t very good under Pirlo or Allegri. Conte has the ability to level up these players. Look at Lukaku, Luiz, Hakimi, when he coached the national team he had Balotelli firing on all cylinders, Giaccherini looked great etc…there’s a reason all these players fail elsewhere. It’s just the Conte effect.

  14. Del Piero

    If Conte is such a great coach then why does he go into hiding in the CL with every team he has managed????????? He’s a good coach but not a great coach, 2 or 3 steps below the likes of Klopp, Pep, Ancelotti and of course 2 time CL finalist PHD Max 😉

  15. Ringo

    It is time for Rabiot to move to Tottenham, reunion with Bentancur on midfield helps a lot. Conte would turn him oce more into something to prove things to Allegri and the rest of the management.

  16. Many wise guys

    People forget that Kulusevski also sucked under Pirlo.
    He simply didn’t fit into the playing style of Juve, he’s one dimensional and only thrive on a team that sits back and counter attack all the time.

  17. LAS

    Allegri was on his way destroying Kulusevski,perhaps ,along with Dybala,their most creative player-all but onedimensional! Really good for him that he went,now flowering in a better league than serieA,under a much better coach.Allegri never,very strange,gave him the chance.Under Pirlo ge was on the right track,i.e was a matchwinner in Coppa Italia

  18. Baller





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