The Italian association for the protection of consumer rights, CODACONS, claims Juventus ‘could be relegated to Serie B and stripped of their latest Scudetto’ due to the capital gains case.

CODACONS is linked to CONI, the Italian Olympic Association, and its President Marco Donzelli spoke about the investigation into Juventus’ capital gains business.

Juventus release statement over financial investigation

Juventus are accused of false accounting and Donzelli revealed the Bianconeri could be sanctioned with relegation to Serie B and the revocation of the titles won ‘in the shadow of these potentially illegal operations’.

“The accusatory system is very serious and throws a sinister light on the last football championships, also because there has been a real Juventus dominance in recent years, which ended in the past year,” Donzelli said, according to TMW.

“If Juventus were to have illegitimately gained an advantage over rival clubs with operations of this type, then the regularity of the last football championships would fail and, as a consequence, the Federation and the Authority for market competition will have to intervene and sanction those responsible.

“Beyond individual responsibilities, the club will not be exempt from punishment. For this reason and to protect thousands of fans, we will present a complaint to the Antitrust and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office asking for the relegation to Serie B for Juventus and the revocation of the last league titles won in the shadow of these potentially illegal operations.”

Juventus, Atalanta, Napoli, Roma under transfer investigation too?

35 thought on “‘Juventus could be relegated and have Scudetto revoked’, say CODACONS”
  1. it sound like these people spend a lot of time trying to find fault at juventus. shame on you.saurez story was weak now you are up to something again.rather than promoting decaying serie a , you are actually destroying it.what a shame!

  2. Come on we all know every football club/big business is built on barely legal accounting practices at most Juve will get a slap on the wrist and a couple million pound fine.

  3. This is crazy. Juventus was by far the best club in Seria A up until last season. From an INTER supporter. I expect that this investigation will come to nothing in the end.

  4. lol these fools better hope juve dont sue the CONI for wrongly sending juve to serie b the 1st time. because if they do sue the CONI will go bankrupt and they would be no serie a. thread carefully

  5. @Ogie – you’re absolutely right, people do spend a lot of time trying to find fault(s) at Juventus BUT more times than not they tend to find some shady activity or something on the bleeding edge of being illegal.

  6. serie A needs to go to hell, italy dont deserve to be playing world cup soccer, you will make serie A in coming years like premier league serie C, try to imagine n france they try to relegate psg, or try to imagine they do the same in england, i read one time the bigest supporter of premier league is britich govt becasue of the revenue and number of tourisim that rised and the economical benefits that premier league oprovide for the british govt, shame on you italy, i wouldnt want this to happen to any big club in italy not talking as a juve fan, this is why italy is always behind.

  7. Well, somebody is not reading the full articles, as there are several clubs under investigation. The fact is that the so called “optimization” is common practice, not only in football business

  8. The rest of europe spend more time trying to build their clubs.Italians spend all the time trying to destroy their own clubs.I think mafianism is still practised indirectly in Italy and it affects sporting activities.It’s time for FIFA to establish an institution responsible to protect club’s welfares against domestic football management entities like CONI which can abuse its powers anytime.

  9. These game is regulated off and on the pitch, so if any club goes against the regulation than they should go in for the consequences. Just like when a team deserves a red card in a match it should simply be given. Juventus have nothing to fear if they are innocent of the allegation. Up Bluez

  10. I said yesterday that Italian football has the ‘pull down’ syndrome.

    This highlights the level of envy/hatred that Serie A has against Juve.

    If Juve cheated to win 9 Serie A titles, did they also cheat their way to two finals & about 5 semi finals in those years?

    ShInter Milan and their cronies are psthetic failures.

  11. I meant two UCL finals/semis up there…

    Juve did well in Europe those years on merit. Except these Inter Milan-paid investigators can also have UEFA say Juve cheated, then it was legit.

  12. But Inter were charged a few years ago also, and absolved, much like in the aftermath of the 2006 scandal. I hope Juve get the appropriate punishment if they are guilty, but only if Inter get theirs, and for 2006 also.

  13. I don’t understand why people complain about this.
    How can people support and love a club that wins without being fair? Is that all you care about? that the clubs you support got black and white stripes and win? you really don’t want to get up and stand against the management that is literally being unfamous for decades for doing things wrong?
    Do you think everyone are being just illusional and jealous? From Catania to Fiorentina, Inter and so on?
    Former Juventus fans, their own fans literally got fed up with them and made Torino.
    It’s been going for ages.

    I can’t imagine supporting a club that constantly robs others. They have all the money and best players, yet they should cheat here and there. all the time. seems it’s just in their DNA. after there must be a reason they fell in love with that Jail-Jersey.

    non of these accusations and those in the past were wrong against that club as if there weren’t right, Agnelli would make sure to sue them. which they can’t because they were actually guilty.
    And they have the best lawyers in Europe to do that if they weren’t guilty. that’s how they always ran away with their obvious wrongdoings.

    In any case, Juventus destroyed Serie A and keep doing it.
    A decade of dominance in the league without European title
    As long as they push for Super League, they will only fall. which might be good for the Future of Serie A
    People will watch matches without thinking the result is fixed already, the referee has been paid, the game is not being played on a fair and same level for both teams, and so on

  14. Sorry to say but Italian football is dead now. Incompetent ppl in CONI that is working against Italian Clubs. Sorry but the glory days was long gone and I completely lost interest in italian football and football in general. I hope a super league is created with only italian and spanish clubs. In that way they can compete with Premier League. PS. CONI are the biggest fraud with UEFA.

  15. Not again!? But I agree that it probably won’t lead to anything so drastic this time? Though CONI accusing them of ill-doing is like a pot calling the kettle black? The real reason why Juve have had an unfair, economic advantage, is because they own their own stadium, whereas most other clubs do not! Those Italia 90 stadium’s went 84% over-budget + left huge debt’s which are still being paid off to this very day. Who agreed to partially fund + renovate those stadium’s? And who had the bright idea to add Olympic, running track’s as part of the agreement to help finance Italia 90’s budget? Oh yeah, CONI. Local council’s had to charge clubs exorbitant rent for playing in their stadia, to help pay off the HUGE debt’s. Could that be one of the reason’s why Italian bureaucracy seem’s so against club’s leaving their council-owned Stadia? I don’t want to outright say it, as I’d have to look in to it more + I’m sick of bs politics atm. But CONI + the council probably lost a lot on the Delli Alpi once Torino + Juve moved out? Despite the £25m that Juve gave them for the site. And each council would lose a heck of a lot more revenue too, if other clubs moved out to build + own their own stadia! What the heck has a link to the Italian Olympic Comittee got to do with consumer rights anyway? 🕸 It’s not only Italy with a corrupt system though. Some bureaucratic people are nice + honest but it’s the system itself which is a farce, rotten to the core + self-consuming! However, it’s a good way to turn the focus + light away from your own failing’s + corrupt system, by pointing the finger at someone else, in this case Juve. All “top” club’s seek an unfair, economic advantage from the use of questionable practice’s or barely-legal one’s at best! But IF Juve have done anything illegal, then I hope they do challenge back + hopefully bring the whole disgusting, mess down. If that stupid CONI subsidiary wanted to protect consumer rights, then they’d sell the Olimpico to Roma + Lazio. Cut losses + agree with the council’s to let club’s buy their existing venue’s or build their own. In order to make a more lucrative + competitive product. Not by looking to tarnish + relegate Italy’s oldest + most successful club. Your Italia ’90 investment sucked CONI. It + You are one of the reason’s why Italian football is stuck + can’t progress for the consumer, you idiot, hypocrite, pointless excuse for an entity! And oops! I think I should leave it there!

  16. It’s always around juventus
    The haters always invent things to stop them it’s a disgrace from figc

  17. So much hate in Seria a against Juventus. It’s killing the league. Very soon it may be difficult to find top stars in Seria a. All these distractions and hate is totally uncalled for. While it is important for teams to play by the rules I wonder if there’s anything productivebor creative CODACONS and CONI are doing to improve the standard of the league rather than looking for dirty clothes of Juventus to wash in public. And why is the attention mostly on Juve does it mean the clubs from Milan are saints?

  18. What does one body have to do with the other? So tried of this gong show.

    Like Calciopoli this is calcio, like the league police itself, when these outside bodies come in, the personal bias of the prosecutor. Remember Moggi locked the ref in the dressing room……..

  19. Juve has always been trying to get advantage by pushing the limits of what’s legal, what’s fair play. It’s in their DNA so deep, they are convinced this is the right way: win at all costs. Well sometimes the cost is you overplay your hand and you get burned.

    Trying to play the “too big to fail” card now? The whole Italian football would be destroyed if Juve is punished? Well if that happens, you are to blame, not your prosecutors. Learn to look at the mirror ffs

  20. Pinamonti who is owned by Inter have switched club for a combind fee of 78m. All profit deals between Genoa & Inter. That means that in the books of Inter Pinamonti represent a profit of over 35m. Actual money that have been transfered between Genoa & Inter however is less than 5m.

  21. The deals for Pinamonti, Radu, and Zinho were essentially buy back clause. Inter paid several clubs to nurture their youngsters. Sell them and then resign the players with higher price. The profit received by those clubs are real money and can be considered as nurturing fees. It’s different with loan deal because inter are the one who need some clubs to give minutes to their young players. It’s basically the same like Morata, Diaz or Reguillon with Real Madrid. It’s not to manipulate the player value.

    With that being said, Inter arguably overpaid some of their players and cover the extra fees by including youth players. Bastoni and Skriniar were under such deals. But then again their value right now are double what they were paid for. There is argument that Inter simply made high cost investment at that time

    Totally different case with Juve because there is no way in hell that Arthur is worth 70 mil and Danilo is worth over 40 mil. Juve have too many of such deals, it couldn’t be more obvious. Napoli did the same with Osimhen but that’s it.

  22. The Italian government keep setting these italian clubs up and the clubs keep falling for their decree …. Government know u clubs going take the risk and U clubs keep taking the bait!!

    You clubs need to learn risk management .. All tht glitter int gold .. U juve keep hopping on to these schemes when that’s all they want 🙄😒 the devil is busy : black love 🖤 forza juve #1🇧🇧

  23. @Rian Nurturing fees? You making stuff up now? Please gude me to where you found that information? I’ll be waiting LOL

  24. @Rian Let me spell it out for you. When you buy a player you spread the cost of buying that player over the length of the contract that you give to that player. That means that if you buy a player for €20m and sign him to a 4 year contract you only have to report a €5m loss in the books that year, but when you sell or loan out a player you can report 100% of the transfer fee or loan fee in the books as profit that year. So Inter selling and then 17 days later buying him back & signing him to a long contract created profits in the books with almost no actual money beeing tranfered into the bank account. So this was a pure profit deal to cook the books. Also Arthur’s market value when he transfered to Juve was €56m, and you can probably find thousands of examples of transfers where players where sold above market value. So thats one weak argument…

  25. The prosecutors have both been acting in part on information provided by Covisoc, a commission set up by the Italian Football Federation to monitor teams’ finances. This is probably happening due to Super League dilemma as Football Federation if Italia couldn’t deal with Juventus within the Laws over Super League idea. Hence, they are coming back with another fighting strategy to stop Juventus or even relegating them if possible. Other clubs are being investigated just to shadow the direct intention related to Super League issue. If something happens it may happen to Juventus only.

  26. @J10B,
    It is essentially nurturing fees, or whatever you want to call it. Genoa and Liege gained several millions in total from Inter through these deals. Small profit for them by giving those players some minutes. So, Inter are losing small money here, while they get more experienced players in return. Nothing scandalous.

    Yes Inter might profit in one year but still register more losses in the following years from those deals. I understand how amortization work. The point here is how to give more playing times to the young players, not to gain any money since Inter are actually making losses from these deals.

    This is not a case of plusvalenze. Inter DID NOT sell these players way above their market value. Pina was sold for 19M and bought back for 21M, Radu was sold for 8M and bought back for 10M.

    It’s more similar to how Juventus sold Moise Kean for 30M and buy him back from Everton one year later for 35M. But this kind of deal is not the one under investigation. You need to understand what Juventus (and several other clubs) are being charged of. It’s manipulating player value to increase their asset, fake capital gains, via swap deals.

    Many would argue that injury prone Arthur (barely played for Barca that year) was really worth 56M, but let say he was. It wouldn’t be problem to buy him for 70M IF juve really paid that much money. Stupidity is not a crime. The thing is, juve paid that money by giving out 30 year old Pjanic, and value him at 60M.

    Seriously, if you or any other Juve fan could not see what’s wrong with these kind of deals…..

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