Juventus coach Allegri accused on TV of ‘ghosting’ ex-girlfriend

by | Oct 13, 2021 20:00

Juventus coach Max Allegri is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, as his ex-girlfriend and her daughter accuse him of cheating and then ghosting them, with the matter ending up on television.

The 54-year-old might not seem it, but he already has a reputation as the playboy manager of Italian football, as he left one woman a couple of weeks before their wedding, then split with another after she fell pregnant.

He had been with 44-year-old television presenter, actress and singer Ambra Angiolini since 2017.

However, she confirmed to the Striscia La Notizia television programme that not only had their relationship broken down, but also that Allegri was effectively ghosting her, refusing any form of contact and simply disappearing.

When handed the Tapiro d’Oro, a comedy award given to anyone having a bad time in the news, she joked: “At least he’ll come into my house in Milan…”

Ambra’s daughter from a previous relationship, Jolanda Renga, went into considerably more detail and openly blamed Allegri via an Instagram post.

“Why go to her in Milan with the Tapiro d’Oro? Why not go to Turin? Because she trusted someone who she shared four years of her life with?!

“Even if this person in the end proved to be different, is it the fault of the one who trusts or the one who betrays that trust, and betrays in every possible sense?

“What is so reproachable or ‘loser’ like about trusting and loving?”

The use of the phrase ‘betrays’ used the same wording in Italian that refers to someone cheating on their partner.

Considering his record with women, Calciomercato.com pointed out: “There’s only one Lady Allegri is faithful to and it’s Juve.”


  1. MARCO

    Football Italia or National Enquirer – take your pick!

  2. Juv+

    Lol didnt know this about our mister. He loves a winning streak.

  3. Cypher

    That’s why she is an ex, no?

  4. Loner

    Women ghost me all the time, what’s the big deal?

  5. Matt

    Goes to show you can ne bald, ugly and an a-hole but if yoi got dough and a high profile position in life anything is possible.


    Football Italia, just cover the football news OK, leave the love life coverage to the trashy tabloids. If it’s a slow news day, how about writing some tactical analysis articles?

  7. TSObhung

    That’s why he has no improvement on tactics? lol

  8. IDGAF

    Lmao so? Why should i care about anyone’s love life and what they do?

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