According to Sky Sport Italia, Juventus cannot afford to sack Max Allegri, but they could start by changing members of the fitness staff.

The Bianconeri have had a disastrous start to the season, winning only two of their seven games so far in all competition.

Last night’s 2-1 home defeat to Benfica in the Champions League was particularly damning, as they now sit bottom of their group, six points adrift of PSG and the Portuguese side.

Sacking Allegri would be a very expensive move indeed, as the coach has a four-year contract worth €9m per season.

Nonetheless, the club is desperate to take action and resolve some of these issues, so Sky Sport Italia claim the first action will be changing some members of the fitness staff who work with Allegri.

Injuries continue to pile up, including Paul Pogba, Manuel Locatelli, Adrien Rabiot, Wojciech Szczesny, Federico Chiesa and Kaio Jorge.

There are huge concerns over why Juve seem incapable of playing more than one half of football this season, either starting strong and petering out, or waking up in the second half once the result has been compromised.

That could be at least in part a fitness issue, although the fear is that it is more psychological.

19 thought on “Juventus can’t sack Allegri, but could start with his staff”
  1. They’re not bottom- they’re third. Still bad, of course, but the least you could do is get your facts straight. Susy Campanale and misinformation- name a better duo 🙂

  2. get rid of them all including board- love to get ancelotti – very happy with tuchel, dont want pochetino- he’s another yes man

  3. Changing the staff won’t do much we need a new manager to bring back our identity like Tuchel did with Chelsea

  4. The 7/9 have no solutions. PhD Max has fully zombified the club and it will take decades to undo all the bad work he and the board have inflicted upon this minnow of Europe. Time does not stand still. Better for them to dissolve the club and rebrand themselves as Piemonte Calcio.

  5. If the board cant see that we’ll lose much much more from lacking results in the league and Champions League, because of Allegri, they’re even dumber than I thought. And not to talk about the fear of losing our best players for nickels or even on a free.

  6. lord allegri – itll take decades – you are so stupid with your statements, thats its hilarious hahhaha

  7. €9m per season for this hexagon coma calcio?!

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHA Grande Max, milking all that Exor money

  8. Need to pay 100 millions for allegri sacking and dont forget to sign Tuchel for 10 years contract 30 million a year, that would be very clever

  9. @Carlo

    Resigning isn’t realistic. I have never heard of a manager who says ‘nah, y’all keep it’ to 3years of salary. I read reports of 7.5 and 9 mil euro per season, so somewhere in the 20 mill range – Perhaps a mutual agreement could be found for 15-20, so he could work for a different club. But that’s awfully expensive… There wouldn’t be a whole lot of room in budget for an adequate replacement…

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