Juventus ban supporter who racially abused Maignan

by | Sep 23, 2021 16:48

Juventus have banned the supporter who racially abused Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan, anticipating the authorities.

The fan had already been identified after video of him shouting insults at Maignan was circulated on social media.

He was expelled from his local Juventus fan club, the Juventus Club Gaetano Scirea di Castagnaro (Verona), for ‘damaging our image’ with his behaviour.

Now Juventus have announced they’ve banned him from the Allianz Juventus Stadium.

Usually, clubs do not have to take this action, as fans are banned from attending all sporting events when a Daspo order is emitted.

Juventus have opted to anticipate the authorities and ban this supporter themselves.

He has been identified as factory worker from Rovigo and Tuttosport claim he is facing charges of instigating racial hatred.

Meanwhile, Milan have released a new video to promote equity, diversity and inclusion.

Juventus Stadium


  1. Basta Poco

    Was going through the Torino online newspapers for this bit of info. This is an action they had to preemptively take.

  2. rosario

    Juventus have now set an honourable and justified precedence. The lowlife has no place inside of a football ground. I just hope now other leagues around europe as well as social media platforms follow suit.

  3. Dan

    Well done Juve! Thats exactly whats needed. I’d go a step further and extend the ban to include Juve’s away matches as well.

  4. Luca

    I would say ban for life for all sporting events. They can watch from their sofas at home. How about a fine as well? These people are lowlifes.

  5. DB Milan

    Well done Juventus. Hope the instigating racial hatred charge sticks.

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