Juventus are only Italian side in top 10 of shirt sponsor revenues

Juventus creep into the list of 10 European clubs that earn the most from their shirt sponsors, far ahead of rivals Inter and Milan.

Calcio e Finanza details how the Bianconeri currently earn a total of €51m per season as a result of their shirt sponsorship deals, the eighth most in Europe. They’re ahead of teams like Liverpool and Tottenham, who both earn €35m per season, and close behind other European giants like Bayern Munich (€60m) and Chelsea (€70m). Topping the list is Real Madrid with €125m earnt per season.

Looking at Serie A exclusively, there is an incredibly clear gap; the Italian club who earns the second most from shirt sponsors is Milan, who receive €30m per season. They still sit far ahead of third place Inter (€12.5m), Lazio (€5m) and Roma (€3.5m), showing the gulf in revenue streams available to Serie A clubs.

Differences in figures like this help explain the gap between some of the top Italian teams and their competitors across Europe, something that often becomes apparent in the Champions League.

7 Comments on “Juventus are only Italian side in top 10 of shirt sponsor revenues”

  1. True that it’s the same family that also owns JEEP but…
    What are you on about?
    They don’t buy the shirts
    They sell them…

  2. Stop being bitter. It is widely known that Juve are the biggest team in Italy but serial underachievers in Europe. Still take nothing away from them. They have their own stadium, more supporters and better at branding themselves. They might be going through a tough time but they do not need to sell their players on a yearly basis. Inter and Milan have far worse economic situations. One has to sell their best players every year and the other has no funds to adequately build upon their recent success. Like it or not Juve will always be there every year even if they have a plumber for a coach.

  3. Villarusso – the €51 million per season referred to in this article comes from Adidas for wearing their kits. Jeep “pays” Juventus another €52.5 million as their kit sponsors which (as you correctly stated) Exor, the parent company of both Juventus and Jeep, gets to write off.

    You’ve got to love €103.5 million per season just for wearing the kits!!!!!

  4. @JuveFella, this has nothing to do with shirt sale (we would still be top of that list I believe). This is about how much we generate from shirt sponsors mate so Jeep, Adidas, CyGames and others pay us a combined €51mil per season.

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