Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri was on an emotional rollercoaster last night, but his outbursts against club directors and an Italian journalist mean he knows his days at the Allianz Stadium are numbered, writes Lorenzo Bettoni.

When Allegri vented frustration at the referee and the fourth official minutes before the end of a Coppa Italia Final against Atalanta, nobody would imagine that was only the start of a crazy and perhaps harmful night for the Italian tactician.

A few minutes later, after his men had secured the first trophy in his second spell at the club, Allegri appeared to reject compliments from directors Cristiano Giuntoli and Maurizio Scanavino. Even if he denied it, images of Italian TVs show pretty clearly that Allegri made gestures towards the pair and it is a fact that Max never approached them after the final whistle for a hug or to share a moment of joy.

While Juventus players celebrated under the Curva Sud last night, Allegri watched with his staff members from afar and even struggled to hold back the tears. The same happened later on when he struggled to hide his emotions during a post-match press conference attended by Football Italia.

Juventus, Allegri’s outbursts mean only one thing

Allegri’s feelings towards club directors were pretty clear when he said he would “only” thank the footballers for “gifting him and the club a trophy.”

But it didn’t end there. Behind the scenes, Allegri raged at a journalist, Tuttosport’s editor Guido Vaciago, telling him to stop writing what the club wanted. Of course, this was Vaciago’s version, but several sources in Italy are confirming the tough confrontation between the pair, and Allegri’s threatening words.

What Allegri said and did after the match shows that he knows he won’t continue at the Allianz Stadium beyond the summer.

Juventus have already contacted Thiago Motta and are ready to offer him a new two-year deal with an option for a further campaign. After his first season in Turin, Giuntoli wants to shape the club with his vision, but Allegri is not part of his plans.

What may have upset the divisite tactician is the fact that Giuntoli continued confirming trust in him over the last few months, even saying that the Livorno-born coach could have reached 700 games with Juventus.

It won’t happen, and Allegri is fully aware of that. What remains to be seen is whether the coach’s fury on the touchline will be the final frame of his second spell in Turin or if he’ll be given a chance to say goodbye to Juventus fans in the last two games of the season.

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