Juventus agree deal with Torino for Bremer

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Juventus have agreed a deal for Gleison Bremer with Torino and now must agree personal terms with the player.

The Bianconeri have been on the hunt for a new centre back following the €80m total sale of Matthijs de Ligt to Bayern Munich, and one of the most intriguing targets was Bremer. The Brazilian was one of the stars of last season and seemed set for a move to Inter, but the Nerazzurri failed to finalise the transfer.

Di Marzio details how Juventus have agreed to pay Torino €40m plus €7m in add-ons for Bremer, significantly outbidding the long-interested Inter.

The Bianconeri now must work to find an agreement with the 25-year-old, who had already agreed personal terms with Inter.

The Brazilian centre back was one of the best defenders in Italy last season, making 33 league appearances. In his 2893 minutes on the pitch, Bremer scored three goals, provided one assist and shone defensively.

37 Comments on “Juventus agree deal with Torino for Bremer”

  1. Now go after Milenkovic with the rest of the money from the sale of De Ligt to at least have a reliable back up

  2. Brazilian Bianconero??

    Porca miseria, what is ‘Brazilian Bianconero’?? 😂 Of all the teams in Brazil, you bandwagon an Italian team?

  3. Excellent news! Now lets go for Pau Torres and Mattia Viti and Juve will have an excellent base of center backs!

  4. @Cris and Brazilian Bianconero. Bremer, Bonucci, Gatti, Rugani. I think that’s a decent pack of defenders for next season. Do you think we need more defender?

  5. @El Cid, remember that all those players you named, non of them are left footed center backs and that is why I am suggesting that Juve should go for Pau Torres and Mattia Viti.

    Juve’s CBs: Right footed- Bonucci, Gatti, Bremer / Left footed: Pau Torres and Mattia Viti.

    Rugani should be the one to be sacrified but my opinions is that he will do great in Lazio togheter with Romagnoli.

  6. Finally a CB. Sign me up for Bremer and Pau Torres for essentially the same transfer fee and wages saving as sale of De Ligt will provide.

    Milenkovic is a backup option, hopefully Gatti realizes some of the potential/hype. Rugani can exit now.

    All things considered, not having a bad window.

  7. @Cris the Liverpool 4 CBs Virgil, Konate, Gomez and Matip are all right footed and they seem to have their moments

  8. Where are those who were saying Juve can’t find buyers for de ligt and can’t get their hands on Bremer cause he loves inter ?
    Welcome to Juve Jason

  9. Brian

    I love how you’re welcoming a player who’s name you don’t even know. Jason? His name is Gleison* for the love of 7 champions league final defeats!

  10. Congratulations Breimer!! Juventus is actually where you are supposed to be for what you have Shawn in Series A last term. Forza J U V E.

  11. Rosario not everyone has access to a great education or still lives at home with both of his parents. Now back get back in the dinghy and enjoy the sunshine in your paddling pool.

  12. Lmao Juve and PSG had a secret deal wait until Juve sign Bremer and then Paris sign Scriniar from inter lol.

  13. @cris not sure how much cash you think juve have but they also need to replace Sandro Morata Dybala Ramsey Rabiot. We can’t waste all our money on center backs. With Gatti and Bremer the center back roles are filled. Although perhaps Sandros replacement could also play CB. Udogie looks promising.

  14. Bremer is a good player but like all things in life once PhD Max gets a hold of him, things will go down. Day Delegate Package will include learning the back, back, down down, 2.0 update and being told to never leave the 18 yard box.

  15. Rosario I had no idea that term was used for a gypsy. You sure know a lot about this subject. Are you not telling us something we should know? Are your parents actually doctors or were you making the whole thing up? Be honest Rosario, you still live at home with mummy and daddy. Do they give you pocket money?

  16. @fatecisognare marota is ot losing any charm. Paying 50 million for a player that had release clause on his contract in january is stupid. No manager will pay for that except juve director. Even psg will never pay such money. A player that move to seria a in 2018 and had great season just last year. No club will pay such stupid money. Only juventus will pay it

  17. Hahaha inter wanted to pay it but they are ow Ed by the Chinese and are poor. Stop hating please. Enjoy lukaku without conte and have a lollipop son lolol your lame team has been outdone once again and always will be

  18. @Rosario

    What’s so wrong about supporting Juve? You’re salty because your team don’t even have the funds to buy a decent player anymore? LMAO. Give me a break. You’re just a little whinny kid that can’t accept defeat. I can support anyone I want, anywhere, I can even support the team that plays inside your momma’s butt and it won’t even matter anything at all. So shut the hell up and mind your own business.

  19. All of you inter fans are all so hypocrites, I just can’t stop laughing at all of you LOL Now you’re like “50m for a brazilian defender”, “Smells like Benatia”, “He ain’t that good” LMAO Just a month ago you guys were like “Yeah we’re adding the Serie A Defender of the Year”, now you play the game like you just dodge a bullet. Bunch of whinny kids. Accept defeat and prepare yourselves for not even being on the top 3 this year. Your team is filled with losers. Lukaku? LMAO. .

  20. Don Beppe realizes that while he has the advantage to see more with his disjointed eyes, he does have the cash to complete with Don Cherubini. Don’t worry Inter, your prodigal son returned so now you can be Winter Champions again maybe in the next 10 years. LOL!

  21. @LORD ALLEGRI PATRON SAINT OF SLOW BALL, he will play a few games this season but in a few seasons, he will be sitting next to Rugani. because he needs experience.

  22. When was the last time a Brazilian player succeeded at juve? Don’t get too happy just remember Melo, Diego, Lucio, Hernanes etc… oh and Brazilian Bianconero, last season Inter won against juve in 3 different Italian cities, you were wiped with the floor everywhere but congrats on beating us to 1 player by overpaying…he had a 15mill clause in jan 2023 but you are desperate now…because De Ligt ran off to a bigger club.

  23. Juve fans have shown just how low they’re right now. For Inter now they’ll be keeping Skriniar at all costs which based on my preference a much better player and leader than Bremer. Not all Inter fans wanted Bremer especially if the sacrifice would be Skriniar both DeVrij and Bastoni might not have a future at Inter but Skriniar is the next captain. Juve have so many holes in their squad to think that signing a defender will fix them just shows how low Juve have fallen. Inter were the best performing team last season with Dzeko upfront so with a hungry Lukaku there won’t be no doubt as to who will be challenging for the scudetto

  24. CALMAAA!!!

    All of the problems for Juve have been resolved. They can get Bremer to fill even Giorgio’s void. PhD Max will be asking him to work triple overtime and to also cover for Roberto Carlos on the left flank. Lets be real, Bremer is a good signing for Juve. Fair is fair. However the wing backs are atrocious. The middle is still comprised of Rabiot Zidane, Arthur and Flimsey. Pogba has not shown any form in the last 6 years only moments. His French form is down to France having great players around him like Kante. Di Maria is a fine player but old. Full credit to him for taking the Dani Alves route and escape from Max is guaranteed after one year of service. Inter are still stronger on paper but look at what happened with Milan. Safe to say ain’t nothing happening with PhD Max. 4th spot still.

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