Juventus: Agnelli welcomes Allegri and appears to hit back at Sarri

by | Jul 27, 2021 13:53

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli welcomes Massimiliano Allegri and hits back at former coach Maurizio Sarri: ‘We don’t take wins for granted.’

Agnelli spoke to the media during Massimiliano Allegri’s unveiling press conference.

“It’s the first time I talk since Italy won the Euros. I wanted to congratulate Italy, President Gravina, the coach, his staff, and the players, particularly Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci, Federico Bernardeschi and Federico Chiesa. It was a thrilling month, we were not the favourites and the team spirit made the difference, so congratulation on that,” Agnelli said.

“I don’t have many updates, but today is Max’s day, so I won’t talk for too long. It’s useless to present him and repeat what he’s won once again. Perhaps, the streak of Serie A titles he’s won is something impossible to equal.

“He embodies our spirit, which is to achieve a victory, even if it’s a narrow one.

“We analysed what Juventus could have been with the return of Allegri, we agreed that it could have been a risky choice for both of us because of his glorious past and the expectations that he would bring.

‘I rejected Real Madrid for Juventus’ every word from Allegri’s unveiling press conference

“However, expectations bring prejudice and an element that underestimates all the steps needed to achieve a result and this is very wrong.

“Here at Juventus, we work hard every day to achieve victories. We can’t take victories for granted, whoever thinks that the trophies we’ve won over the last few years have been less appreciated is wrong because, behind every trophy and every season, there is a great commitment, sacrifice and desire to win.”

Agnelli didn’t mention the Bianconeri’s former coach Maurizio Sarri, but this last statement seemed to be aimed at the Tuscan tactician who had claimed the Scudetto he won at Juventus “was taken for granted both on the outside and on the inside.

“We didn’t even celebrate; everyone went to dinner on their own,” he continued.

“Probably the best year to go to Juventus was this, the fourth place was celebrated.”

Agnelli went on to say: “What Juventus can give is the right environment to reach these results. Every victory has been achieved thanks to hard work. As Max has said many times, winning is not for everybody.

“A new season begins, our target is to be competitive for every trophy in March, then we’ll see.

“Last but not least, Max and Juventus are not together for friendship, even if we are friends. Max is the coach of Juventus for the next four years because he has the credibility to write an exciting new chapter.

“He believes that this new group of directors will be able to act following the club’s tradition, made of work, sacrifice and, often, victories.

“Max is back because he recognises these values, we are looking forward to what the future has in store.”

Agnelli also confirmed Giorgio Chiellini will sign a contract extension with the Bianconeri.

“I’ve read he felt offended because nobody had called him. But I did, this past Monday, he’s spent the last 20 years with us, so I thought it was ridiculous to call him, disturbing him on holiday, just to sign a contract. Perhaps you should inform yourself before writing something, Chiellini is not a problem,” the President said.


Andrea Agnelli


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