Juventus 2022-23 home shirt explained, how to pre-order & gallery

by | May 13, 2022 09:54

The Juventus 2022-23 home kit has been released and features a bold take on the Bianconeri’s traditional black and white stripes, representing their Allianz Stadium home.

It may not be immediately clear what the inspiration behind the design was, as it is a departure from the usual, more uniform style of the club’s iconic colours.

Described by manufacturers Adidas as ‘continuing its legacy of constant reinvention’, the jagged monochrome stripes are formed of a series of triangles, based on the ‘five triangles that make up a star’ and interpreted as ‘a magical symbol…to represent the magic of the Allianz Stadium.’

Pre-order the new Juventus 2022-23 home kit from Kitbag here

“Juventus is a club famed for its traditions, but also for being bold and progressive,” Adidas senior designer Marco Omiccoli said. “With this kit we wanted to pay respect to the proud history of the club whilst bringing a new and unique element that unites the club’s community with a subtle reference to its home.”

“The kit exploits the iconic colours of Juventus, black and white,” a club statement added, “by incorporating eye-catching and innovative graphics, which take their triangular shape from the same geometric figure that is an integral part of the architectural structure of the stadium.”

Juve have played at the Allianz Stadium since 2011 and will debut the shirt in the home game against Lazio on May 16. It is available to pre-order from Kitbag now and will ship on or before June 3 for the regular version of the shirt, and on or before July 8 for the authentic version.

Juventus 2022-23 home kit gallery

Images from adidas.com

The new Juventus 2022-23 home kit can be pre-ordered here from Kitbag

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  1. nucleo

    How difficult can it be to do something similar as the 120 Years’ Anniversary Shirt?
    This one looks something Germany’s NT could put on pre kick-off back in early 90’s.

  2. jULIAN

    I think for a fans collection is quite good, looks nice up close.

  3. mr bone

    It does look great. If they can use the golden color for Jeep and name. then that would look better

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